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Sunday, July 3, 2016

Which would you prefer?

Port Republic, NJ

We are spending our last few days at

I have mixed feelings.   I like the cost here with our Thousand Trails membership but.....

Today we went for a ride through New Jersey Pine Barrens and the Wharton State Forest.  As a child and young adult I knew the roads through this section of NJ like the back of my hand.  Not anymore.

Excuse the  following hazy pictures, they were taken from inside the truck.  No rolling down windows.  Ever hear of Green Head Flies?  It's the state bird of NJ.   They attack and cling to the truck.  They do the same to ones body. And Bite.  Hard.

When we lived in this area we would trailer our horses here.  We would park in a field behind this monument.

One time we saddled the guys, followed a path and crossed the gravel road from the monument.  We were attacked.  The ears of our horses were covered with Green Heads.   We were covered.  The horses were stumping and attempting to shake them loose.   We decided this was not a good idea.  We crossed back over to where the truck and trailer was parked.    Not a Green Head in sight.   I guess the Green Heads were not old enough to cross the road.    So we followed this old, abandoned railroad track and had a good few hours of trail riding.  And not a bite.

Now, which would you prefer........ where we are parked at this campground on a holiday weekend:

Squeezed in tight, loud music well into the night.

Or riding rough roads,

passing deserted small villages deep in the forest,

crossing over cedar steams,

and one lane bridges,

ending at this campground (no Green Heads noticed here)

with few neighbors

I know which one I would prefer.   Just can not get our 43 foot home down these roads.

Until next time.


  1. Yes I know what you mean. Although I don't mind campgrounds with rvs on either side of me like some people do. Still, I would like to try more remote campgrounds but we just don't feel comfortable doing that with our 40 ft fifth wheel. We talk occasionally about our next stage of life - someday - when we will buy a small house to be our home base, probably in FL, and a smaller size class A to travel around in on a part time basis. :)

  2. The campground here is sold out. Lots of kids driving us nuts. Can tell immediately the weekend warriors vs. the full-timers. Never heard of green heads either!

  3. I know which one I'd choose if there were no flies there!

  4. I remember those nasty green heads and even worse the skeeters that were as big as a helicopter. I would much prefer to hiden campsite myself.

  5. have been in campgrounds on holiday weekends,,,its the pits