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Thursday, July 7, 2016

Just toss it

Upper Deerfield, NJ

WANT FRUSTRATION????   Is there no quality anymore?  Buy something, it breaks, replace the purchase, repeat.

By way of examples.

1.    My daughter gave us a Keurig for Christmas.   We make AT THE MOST an average of 2 cups of coffee a day.   About 3 weeks ago it started making a grinding noise.   Then the noise stopped for a couple of days.   Then started again last week.   This unit has 3 settings to brew different size cups of coffee.  We always used the largest size.    Last week we attempted to make our morning coffee as usual.  It made a racket and filled the cup less than 1/4 of the way.  It would take us 4 or 5 cycles to get a full cup.   These things are not cheap.  And it lasts 5 months?  What to do?  Just get a new one and hope it lasts longer I guess.

2.   We bought a chaise lawn chair at Camping World a couple of years ago.  Not Cheap!  It lasted one season before it started to tear.   We've bought more of those bagged lawn chairs then I care to count.  They, too, tear apart in just months.  WE ARE NOT THAT FAT!!!!  (well me, maybe a little.)  Will never buy another one.  Last year we got two nice lawn chairs at Penneys.  You guessed it, material is ripping.  Does anybody make a good lawn chair?   For slightly fat people?

3.   Last June I bought a new JetPack MIFI from Verizon.  Worked well.  I was pleased.  On Tuesday I turned it on.   Won't do anything.   I took it to a Verizon store.  They could not get it to turn on either.  It had a one year warranty.   Expired 3 weeks ago.  Only choice to buy a new one. But what steams me.......the warranty on the old one was One Year;  the contract, Two Years.  This means I still have to pay $10.00 a month for 11 more months for a device that does not work. Plus $10.00 for the new one.  I will be making a call to Verizon.  Still in all, the original MIFI should have lasted more than 12 1/2 months I would think.

4.   Even simple things.   When was the last time you bought dish soap that made suds.   Palmolive, Dawn, Joy.... no suds.   Might as well buy a cheap brand that doesn't make subs to pour down the drain instead of paying more for the name brand to pour down the drain

5.   Quality Control.... is there such a thing anymore?   We love our new Fifthwheel RV.  We love the layout, we love the inside storage, we love the way the truck handles it.  Yup, we love it.  Glad we got it.   HOWEVER..... the first time the shower was used, water ran all over the bathroom floor.  Upon investigation I discovered the problem.   The silicone to seal to shower door tracks stopped where the vanity started.   I got a flashlight and looked between the shower and vanity, an distance of no more than two inches.  I saw gobs of silicone on the floor, side of shower and vanity.  I went to the owners forum.   I find FIVE other people with the same year and model RV had the same problem.  Whoever was in charge of placing silicone  along the  shower tracking needs to be trained to do their job right or be fired.  And what about QC????  Dealer fixed it.

Enough..... these are just a few of my complaints.   What about you?  What makes you frustrated?


  1. As far as the RV contact the Manufacture first and they will send you to the nearest Manufacture's Dealer to have it fixed free and if they don't want to go online and complain to the Better Business Bureau of the state it was manufactured in. That was how I got results.
    For Verizon you want to deal with upper management not the people manning the desks at the outlets. If they say no, again you go to the BBB.
    Be Safe and Enjoy!

    It's about time.

  2. I don't like those fold n bag chairs period. I bought a nice camp chair with the attached table and have used it for years now. Of course I can't remember the brand.

    Yes dish soap I have a dish washer but I wash the pots and pans in the sink. For one pan and lid I have to re soap the sponge at least 3 times.

    I ordered one of those strips to put between the counter and stove, it was curled up and no matter how hard I tried to straighten it nothing. Threw it away gave it a bad review.

    I will never be a Verizon customer again. They bleed you dry. I have been using Straight Talk for many years and never had a problem. All hot spots are horrible but when you travel you have to have something. Since I am not traveling for quite some time I now have a lan line and can use it until my heart is content.

  3. Oh yeah. You need George. Our Keurig finally was biting the dust, making the same noises such as yours was. We cleaned it, etc. Still nothing. He called Keurig who offered to send us a coupon on a new one. Took it, bought a new one. Chipped the water reservoir when filling it one day. George called them again, they sent us 2..TWO new reservoirs. He's a big believer in calling the company for resolution :)

  4. My Keurig was doing the same thing. You know I have zero patience. Won't work? Okay so it's already broken. In my case, I gave it about 5 hard slaps to the upper right side of the reservoir. Started perk in' up a storm. BTW, mine switches off Bold setting when the electricity/power fails and I have to switch it back...can't stand weak coffee. Try the "slap" remedy. Can't hurt,

  5. For the most part I have quite buying the "trendy", "advertised" models of things like the Keurig. When we had our stick and brick house we had one and it seemed to work OK but when ever we had company over and they saw it, they said theirs had problems, or made noises, etc... So in the our motor home we just have the old fashioned Mr. Coffee that has been around for ever and cost $19.98 at Walmart. We have been through a lot of camp chairs, too. Seems like they last a year or two and that's it! Since it is fabric that usually goes before any other component, I have begun to spray on a coating of 303 Aero Space Protectant before using, let it dry and so far it really seems to help. This product was developed by Boeing for protecting vinyl and rubber and fabric components from UV rays and used by a lot of RV folks on slide out seals, tires, dash boards, etc. I figured since the chairs sat out in the weather, UV rays may be the culprit.

  6. Phyllis - I so agree! I must say we purchased the 'strong back' chairs 2 years ago, and they have held up exceptionally well, even in the hot TX sun. They have lumbar support, and are a bagged chair, but in my opinion, they are worth the money (not cheap)!

  7. The Keurig we purchased about 1.5 years ago wouldn't come on yesterday morning. Did it fry in the electrical issue? We're thinking it just bit the dust, as it had been acting wacky for a while, even with regular cleaning. We don't drink that much coffee, but I'm thinking I'll miss it when Winter comes. I'll sometimes drink a cup when the weather's cooler, definitely not enough to make a pot just for myself. Guess we're talking instant. Blah.