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Tuesday, July 12, 2016

A weekend trip

Upper Deerfield Twp
New Jersey

As many of you know, my sister, brother and I own a small cabin in north central Pennsylvania.  Our parents bought this property back in the mid 60's.   It is an old one room school house.  As I've relayed before, the cabin is back in the mountains and sits about 1/4 mile from the birthplace of Silent Movie star Tom Mix.  He went to school in this building.   Okay young people ...Google Tom Mix.

On Saturday morning we left our Rig at our friends house and drove the 280 miles to the cabin.  We intended to stay until Tuesday.   However, we found the bedroom carpets were saturated from a leak in the shower.    We didn't want to further dampen the recently installed carpet so did not use the shower.  We kept fans on the carpet the entire time.

That means no shower on Sunday or Monday.  We did not want to chance the bad smells another day so headed back to NJ a day early.    My siblings and I will make plans for installing a new shower.

The town of Driftwood, Pa is in the middle of the Pennsylvania Elk herd.  We saw no wildlife either Saturday or Sunday.

Coming from the town of Piper, Pa on the Quehanna highway it is 7 miles of paved road and about that many more of mountainous gravel roads to the cabin.  Or taking the Quehanna highway from Piper and picking up 555 thorough the town of Benezette adds another several miles.   An option to save some mileage is from 555 before entering Driftwood is to across the river, Mix Run, that runs directly in front of the cabin.  Our 4 wheel drive truck handles it with ease.   Mid river:

Looking to come up the other side:

Short drive up to the cabin:

Ah, there she is:

Taken from the front yard showing the river below:

We did not see any wildlife Saturday or Sunday but Monday morning they were in abundance.  These are shots taken on the mountain road between the cabin and the town of Driftwood, a distance of 4 miles.

Altogether we saw 6 Elk and 7 deer.  Not bad.

Last night .............long showers!

Tomorrow we hitch up and move to Sea Pines Thousand Trails near Cape May, NJ for two weeks.

Until next time......


  1. to bad about the cabin having issues. I miss being in the mountains and seeing the wildlife and the green trees. You sure did get your show on the way home.

  2. My grandma's sister married Jack Mix who was a cousin of Tom Mix. Tom Mix grew up near the town of Driftwood, PA. Does that make me related to him? (grin)

    When I was younger I spent a lot of time along the Allegheny and up at our camp near Tionesta. I am also in my early seventies. I live in Texas now, just outside of Cut & Shoot.