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Saturday, October 28, 2017

Keeping up with visitors.

Cullman,  AL

A fun part of living here (aside from Len playing on his new tractor) is having guests.  And this past week has been a great one.

A review:

October 17:    We took our Open Range fifthwheel to Madison RV near Huntsville.  The plan was for them to install a new roof as they damaged the original roof when they were working on the rig back in the Spring.  Then Highland Ridge was to pick up the unit on November 20, take it to their plant in Indiana and do the myriad repairs that are covered under the warranty.  We then would have to go to north Indiana around December 20 to inspect their work and bring it home.  Not looking forward to driving to Indiana that time of the year.

However, Madison RV called this week to let us know that Highland Ridge was on the way to get the rig and that the roof repairs would be done after HR does their work.  We are hoping Madison realized the extent of the problems with the rig and, like us, are hoping that  HR junks it.  If so, they won't have to put out the $5,000 for a new roof. 

October 20:  Son Lennies birthday party at his house.

October 21:  Lennie and Lois came to dinner at our house after church.

October 24:  We drove to Huntsville (65 miles each way) to see the faith based movie Revive Us 2.

October 25:  Our friends from NJ Carole and Dan were RVing their way back from Arizona to NJ and came for a visit.  Proud that we introduced this fine couple over 20 years ago.

October 26:   We took Carole and Dan to Ava Maria Grotto and Clarkson Covered Bridge here in Cullman.  They took us to lunch.  Later in the day we welcomed Adam and Helena who are on their longest RV trip.  They are also friends from NJ and plan to start full time RVing next summer.

Dinner time with Carole, Dan, Helena and Adam

October 27:    Dan and Carole left with hugs and well wishes.    Helena and Adam wanted to see Ava Marie Grotto and since we have been there many times, including the day before, we handed them the keys to our truck.    Dan and Caroles rv site was not empty for long.

Later in the day arrived Jerry and Carol who are full timers traveling between Manchester TN where they work camped for the last several months  to Rockport, TX where Jerry is starting a new business of being Mr. Fixit.  They are from the Corpus Christi area. Jerry is a blogger, like me.  We caught up with them a few years back when we were in Rockport also.  Nice to see them again.

Dinner time with Helena, Adam, Jerry and Carol:

October 28:   Well here we are.  Just the two of us.  This morning Jerry and Carol joined us for bagels and goodbyes.    A short time later Helena and Adam came in to say so long.  RV sites looking empty.

We had planned on getting back to the tractor and yard work.  However, its 40 and a cold rain.  A good reason to just stay in the house and chill.   Wait....if we wanted to chill we would be outside.  Stay in the house and rest.  Yea, that's it.

Until next time.


  1. After being so busy you definitely need a rest.
    Be Safe and Enjoy!

    It's about time.

  2. You all have really been busy with friends visiting and I know you loved every moment of it!! There is nothing better than good friends :-) I bet it is even colder there now than it was when you wrote this blog post!! Stay warm, stay in the house and rest!!

  3. Sounds like a great time with good friends. Hope all goes your way with the 5 TH Wheel.

  4. So nice to have friends drop by! Cold and rainy here in PA as well, one more week and we're heading back to nicer weather!