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Friday, October 6, 2017

More digging and our mini rv park

Cullman, AL

As we continue to work in our yard now that the weather is cooler, we finally removed some debris that has been annoying.    In the front yard there were cinder blocks and what we thought was one rock sticking partially out of the ground.  We have no idea what the purpose is or was.

These were just a very few of the many cinder blocks dispersed around the property.   However, most of the blocks were not buried.  We gave those blocks on Lennie and Lois who built a rather large fire pit at their house.  If I remember correctly it is 8x8 and two blocks high.  They only had to purchase 3 blocks to complete it.  Glad they made use of them and they are out of our yard.

To get back to the latest cinder block saga: the ones sticking out of the ground and making mowing more of a hassle.  I noticed a few days ago that a rock was now somewhat movable.  So Leonard to the shovel.

Cinder blocks and rocks he removed.

AND a rather large piece of concrete.   What the heck????  What was that for.

Does anyone have any idea why these would be partially buried in a yard.  We don't.  The hole was been filled in and grass will grow.  No more scraping these blocks with the mower.

As our readers know, one of our first projects in the beginning of the year was putting in two RV sites where a double wide trailer once stood.   We keep our rig in the 50 amp/ water site.  We then have a full hook up 50 amp site for friends traveling through or visiting.   Earlier in the year our friends Carol and Jerry spent a night there.  We had one load of stone placed in the sites.  After their visit we realized we needed a 2nd load.  Done.

On Wednesday our friends Lauren and George Owen paid a visit.

Our little RV park:

I know.  I know.  Can't see much from the front porch.  Guess I was too lazy to walk out and take a better picture.   All that watching Len dig out rocks, you know.

We met Lori and George back in 2011 while in Pennsylvania.  They were just planning their fulltime adventure.   They had a Montana fifth wheel but recently purchased a Vilano.  What a beautiful classy RV!  The manufacturer is right over the Alabama/Mississippi line about 110 miles hours from here.  Since they were coming from Texas headed to Pennsylvania via a stop in Mississippi for some minor warranty work, we got some time to visit.

Here is Lori and George:

What a great time we had.   Yesterday we went into town to check out the Cullman Oktober Fest.

Yesterday it was mostly the Farmers Market where we got some jam, bread and lots of veggies.  Most of the activities start today and go through the weekend.  Oh, it was also Senior Day with a luncheon and bingo.  Since all 4 of us are much too young to even be considered seniors, we did not participate.  Instead George and Lori treated us to lunch at Ruby Tuesday.

All good things come to an end.  This morning our friends pulled out headed to see family in Pennsylvania.  Come again, George and Lori.

Remember friends, if you are traveling I-65 between Birmingham and Huntsville we are here with either a guest room or RV site!

Until next time......


  1. We were so glad we stopped there. It was so nice to spend time with you two. You were so very gracious, and that spot is perfect!

  2. Digging rock and cider block pieces from the yard is not an easy task, I know Leonard is glad that is done. It is nice to have rv friends pass by and stop in for a visit or an over night stay, I know y'all enjoyed the time and fellowship together. You are very gracious and kind for the offer you make fellow rv'ers.