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Tuesday, August 14, 2018

Another bump on the highway.

Salem,  VA

Our plans were to leave Cullman on Sunday August 12, spend two nights on the road and arrive at Thousand Trails, Hershey PA on Tuesday, August 14.

As is quite normal for us.... didn't happen.

We did leave Cullman on Sunday around 10:15 right after church.   We drove 283 miles to a church campground in Dandridge, TN where we over-nighted.  Didn't even unhook the truck.  We needed a 50 amp site due to the hot weather and having the girls with us. 

We got back on the road Monday morning with the expectation that we would overnight in Lexington, VA (271 miles) and arrive at the TT park in Hershey  mid afternoon on Tuesday.   Then came the bump on the highway or better known as how can Leonard and Phyllis get screwed again.   Suddenly we heard a clattering.  At first we thought maybe a flat tire.  Oh how we wish it were.

We pulled over and as Leonard was walking around the trailer checking tires, I heard the sound coming from the engine.  Not a sound we want to hear.   The truck odometer had just turned to 200,000 miles the day before.   We were hoping to get 350,000 miles on this diesel engine.  It was not to be.

There was an exit only about 100 feet from where we stopped.  I got on our on-board GPS and found a Ford dealer 1 1/2 miles away. 

So... here we are.   Instead of  a lovely campsite on a lake, river or even in a RV park, here are our views.

New engine needed.  Hopefully it will be installed by Friday.  We don't count on it.  They did give us a nice loaner.  Brand new F150.   Thinking they want a sale.

Glad we brought a generator with us.  We ran it overnight and just cranked it up again a few minutes ago.   Have to keep things charged.

One of the first things I did when we got to the Ford dealer was call my daughter Amy.  She asked if she should come get the girls   Yes.  She left work around 3:30 near Baltimore and got here after 7:30.  She said she got back home 1:15 am.   It is better the girls be home and not have to sit here for the next several days.  Better for them, BETTER FOR US.

I have a nephew who lives about an hour and a half south of here.   Jason and Kelly offered to come get us.  We would have taken them up on the offer if we were not provided with a loaner.  Thanks for the offer Kelly and Jason.  We will be fine.

Leonard getting some sun and enjoying the view????

Hopefully no further problems.  Heck, who am I kidding.  There will be.


  1. So sorry for this latest problem. Hope all goes well. Isn't there and RV Park near by to go to? I guess if there was you would be in it since they lent you a truck

    1. Would need a truck with a hitch. Stuck here.

    2. Sorry about that. Never thought of the hitch not coming with the truck

  2. Just getting caught up with blogs. Oh my!! I read about the other issue on FB. So sorry :(