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Tuesday, August 21, 2018

This has been an experience

Hershey Preserve Thousand Trails
Lebanon,  PA

This is the week that was.

Yup, we left Cullman August 12.  Our plan was to spend two weeks at this campground.  Then move on to Camp Driveway at our friends Lyn and Shirley in NJ.  From there a week at Sea Pines Thousand Trails near Cape May, NJ

The best layed plans.

As the previous blog told you, in Salem VA the engine on our truck died on August 13.  We can not say enough good about Berglund Ford.  They got right on it.  They kept us informed and had no problem with us dry camping in their parking lot.  We sure are glad we left home with a full fresh water tank and all holding tanks empty.  Could have been a problem if we didn't.

For the last month or so I have had a few nights when I felt bad.  I had stomach pains that lasted about 4 hours.  I suspected maybe gall bladder?    The night of the 14th I woke at 11:30 with a stomach ache.  I took a Tums.  It got worse.  I played on the computer, I tried to go back to sleep.  From our bed to one of the bunks.  Nothing helped.  Finally around 2:00 am Len woke.  He said let's go to the ER.  I said no.  I lay  back down in bed.

Let's back up a bit.  Early in the evening we had gone to DQ.  I wanted a Blizzard.   I had one.  Flavor of the month.   YUMMY.  Reeses peanut butter.  A small size. 

So, I lay back down in bed.   I felt nausea.  I made it to the toilet.   I lost the Blizzard.  I felt faint. So off to the ER.  I told them what I suspected.   I made a spot on diagnosis.   That afternoon (the 15th) the offending organ was removed.    I stayed that night in the hospital.   I've felt fine since. A  little sore but nothing bad at all.

As I was on the phone at the hospital telling daughter Amy I was being admitted,  her husband got the call that his mother had just passed.   It was expected.  We drove down to Milford, DE today for the funeral.  We are glad we were here at this time.  Not only for Scott but it must have been frightening for the granddaughters.  The same day one grandmother passed in the hospital, the other one was admitted to a hospital.  In their grief, glad they could see I am fine.

I was told I was to see a doctor in two weeks.  As we planned to be in NJ  the plan was to see our previous doctor.  I know she would be glad to see us.

As Len and I continued to talk, we both felt the need to just go home where I will see our doctor there.    So I've cancelled the NJ visits.  Why push it.  We will stay here until the 28th as we had  planned.   We still have things we want to do and visit more with daughter Terri and SIL Steve.  Also want to catch up with friends Darlene and Jim.    It is about 100 miles shorter to home from Hershey PA area than Cape May,  NJ area.   And a much nicer route.  Just hop on I-81 and head south.   That's the plan. 

So some changes.  The truck got something put in.   I had something taken out.  And our investments got the biggest hit.

Until next time.


  1. This trip was not much fun from the sounds of it. Is all that traveling right after surgery a good thing? Heal well and hope you make it home safe with no more problems with the truck or health issues with either of you.

  2. Glad to read that both You and the Truck are in better operating conditions.
    We've noticed as time passes that we have developed a Lactose Intolerance which means smaller Ice Creams and expected Bloating.
    Sometimes, especially when we are sick, we have to listen to the old saying, "There's no place like Home".
    Be Safe!

    It's about time.

  3. I sure understand being home is nice. So sorry for all the troubles.

  4. Glad the surgery went well. It does sound like home is the best place to be.