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Thursday, August 2, 2018

We had to give up. Hopeless.

Hidden Cove CG
Arley, AL

I am sitting at the local TT campground using their Internet.   The kids are at the pool.

To continue with my V (VERIZON) issue.   No they did not show up on July 17.  We really did not expect them to.  Did you?   That made the 5th no show.

So.... in frustration we gave up.  For then.   Then the week of the 22nd Leonard bravely called Verizon again.   Once more we had to tell them our story.   All we wanted is to have the Cantenna (Verizon Antenna) hooked up.  That's all.   Once more it is "we are so sorry that you are having problems. blah, blah, blah.  Once more it was a long phone call and being transferred to many different people.   Did I say long? Is 10:30 am to 1:30 pm considered long?

Finally we thought we connected with a person that could help.  She sounded nice.  She sounded that she knew what she was talking about.   She sounded like she wanted to help.    We were given an  appointment for a technician to be at the house on August 1 between 8-12.   She emailed me the contract stating the charge would be $10.00 a month for a two year contract.   OK.  Also if we cancelled before 2 years we would have to pay a $350.00 cancellation fee.  What the heck!!!!! $240 if we kept the service, $350 if we didn't.   Did I read that right?

This was the 3rd contract I was sent.    This was the 3rd contract I sent back. This was the 4th person who told me it would be $10.00 a month for the antenna.

Now..... this was  totally unexpected (snicker, snicker).   Come August 1.   NO SHOW.

Leonard called Verizon shortly after 12.     After on hold for over 1/2 hour they checked our record.  They said the account was closed June 11.  NO!  That was the day I called to get the damn thing hooked up.  (Can you tell I am getting aggravated just writing about it???).    Oh, they say..... they see it was installed on June 23.  That's right.  BUT IT NEVER WORKED.

The nice lady (scarcism) on the phone said she found someone who could really help us... Patrick.  Patrick proceeds to tell us the fee is between $70.00 and $160.00 a month.   What happened to the $10.00 fee?     And he had no idea what we really called for.

So, bottom line..... we have a new Cantenna on the house.   We have a new router.   We just don't have it connected.  After all... Verizon had given us such good service and which we appreciate.  We are privileged to do business with them.  IDIOTS.


  1. If you have no other choices but Verizon tell them you are going to call the News Media. Do you have a help spot on one of the local News stations? We have one here and boy to they get action. Have you heard of Hughs net work supposed to be everywhere, lots of new companies coming out you would thing Verizon would wise up already

  2. We had an issue with Verizon which took months to straighten out. We now use Straight talk.