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Friday, July 26, 2019

One month visit

Cullman,   AL

This summer the visit from the Granddaughters was shorter than the last two years due to daughter, SIL and girls leave this weekend for a vacation in Canada.  We picked them up in Maryland on June 22 and took them home July 24.   We met the SIL half way to "make the trade".    We stayed the night at our nephews and his family's house in Rural Retreat VA and headed back to a quiet house the next morning.

It was a busy month.

Ate out several times.   Golden Corral.   A local Amish buffet.  At Abby and Charlottes used-to-be favorite place in the area, Jim and Nicks BBQ.

Their new favorite...... Buena Vista.  So much so we had to have a second visit the day before they went home.  It's our favorite too.

There was fireworks on July 4th at the local park.  Waiting for the show.

There was lots of swimming at Hidden Cove RV Resort. 

There was a trip to the Hunstville Space Museum.

They attended two Vacation Bible Schools.   One that Aunt Lois (our daughter in law)  took them to at her church and then another that their friend Nathans family (live up the road) took them.   They enjoyed them both.  Thanks Lois.

We felt bad for our lone lonely duck.   We wanted she/he to have friends.   I asked around and was told there was an animal exchange the next day at the local feed store.   People were there selling goats, rabbits, geese, turkeys, chickens and yes ducks.

Charlotte with a rabbit.

Abby with a rabbit

No rabbits came home with us.   But we did find three friends for our duck, who we had given the permanent name of Baby Duck.

We now have Four Happy Ducks. Baby duck and friends.   They are Muscoveys so will grow larger than Baby Duck who is a Pekin.   And they give us great pleasure.

A nightly habit.... feeding the neighbors cows.   They make good use of our vegetable scraps, apples fallen from our trees, etc.

And lots of fun with Biscuit.    This is a chorus of Four.... Leonard, Charlotte, Abby and Biscuit.  Do your ears hurt?

OOPS!  Sorry can't get it to play.   But Biscuit has a great howl!!!

Until next time.


  1. Hope these ducks survive. Do think something is getting them?

    1. Hawks that had a nest of our property probably got the other two. Have not seen the hawks recently. Hopefully the new ones will grow quickly so not as easy to capture.

    2. Also meant to say how grown the girls are getting and really pretty

  2. Looks like a great time:) We might have to think about how we will see our grandkids in the future. They may be moving next summer for the sil's work.

  3. Those girls are sure growing up! How nice that you could have them for a whole month!