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Friday, January 31, 2020

And there went January and answers

Cullman,  AL

The cold month of January is about over.  Tomorrow starts another month and hopefully warmer weather.   Outside I can see a difference.   Our daffodils are up about 7 inches and loaded with tight buds.   I brought two into the house yesterday.   Waiting to see yellow heads appear.   And of course and grass is starting to grow.   I don't mind.   I love mowing.  As we have about 3 acres in lawn, it does take a bit of time.  Again, I don't mind.   I was the chief mower back in NJ.  However there we had horses that took care of a great deal of it.  And fertilized it too.

Speaking of horses, our intent when we moved here was to fence in some of our property and again have horses.    We have come to the realization that is not going to happen.   Nor are we going to have a large garden again.   I will plant some tomatoes and peppers in containers.   Because of these changes we are in the process of selling various items.

A few weeks ago we sold our rototiller.   We still have the large tiller that hooks behind the tractor, Leonard is not ready to let that go.   But neither of us plan to ever push a rototiller again.  (not that I ever did).

We are also selling our saddles and tack.   I posted on the local FB yard sale site two pairs of spurs and a leather saddle bag.

 I've had 3 inquiries about the spurs.  One for the saddle bags.  I will post the rest of the stuff but everything is in the shed and the saddles are too heavy for me the get down.  Len is unable at this time.  Tonight or tomorrow one of the people that inquired about the spurs is coming here to get them. He will take pics of all other items and see if he can help me sell them.  He does bull riding etc and has friends he rides and performs with   Let's see.

And we had visitors this month.   My sister Debbie (from NJ)  and her daughter-in-law Kelly (from VA) were here for 5 days.   Yeah we did do a few things but can't tell from the pictures.  Excuse the very fuzzy one of Kelly.    Even Biscuit was relaxing.  Always a treat when they visit.

We also hosted NOMADS friends Billie and Lon one night   They left cold, snowy Wisconsin to travel on to Georgia and then back to Alabama to work two 3-week projects.   They will return here for a few days before they head back north.   Love it when they visit.

And now what you've been waiting for.  The answers to last posts quiz.  I know you must have been losing sleep wondering.

The header is Dauphin Island in Alabama

Terri correctly guessed picture one as Alaska.  Being a smart lady she looked in the license plates.  This was taken in Skagway.

Picture two.   No one guessed Petrified Forest in Arizona.

Picture three.   I thought this would be the easiest.   No one ventured a guess.   Disneyland!

Picture four.   One of the bridges of Madison County, Iowa.  Lauren had that one right.    As did Chuck and Anneke who did some pretty close other guesses too.

Picture five.   Macknac Bridge connecting lower and upper Michigan

Picture Six.    Needles highway in Custer State Park, South Dakota.   Again good guess Lauren.

Picture Seven.  No one guessed this and some were really close.  The George H W Bush Library in College Station TX

Picute  Eight.  Some good guesses but this was taken at the Lyndon Johnson homestead in Johnson City, TX

Picture Nine.  Several recognized this as the Oklahoma City Memorial

Picture Ten.    Several knew this too.   Or maybe it was my clue.  Birthplace of Elvis Presley.  Tupelo, MS

Now you can sleep.   You know the answers.

Until next time


  1. Nice that you had family and then friends spend some time with you. Yes selling stuff off is a chore but sometimes it needs to be done. I have done some also.

  2. Glad you've been having visitors.
    Also good that you are slowly starting to downsize.
    From your hint I thought the pictures were all from the same state. Shows that I'm just starting to learn my geography.
    Be Safe and Enjoy the Spring like weather.

    It's about time.