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Tuesday, January 7, 2020

These things I know

Cullman,   AL

I have lots of time to think these days.    A lifetime of memories, regrets, reflections.

The last week or so have afforded me many quiet moments.    Leonards body is having difficulties adjusting to the new dosage of his medication for Pulmonary Aterial Hypertension.   It has caused debilitating side effects that leave him exhausted.    He sleeps fitfully during the night.  Days are spent in his recliner mostly napping.   He is always cold.  Cold.   He has not gotten "dressed" for a week.  He wears a tee shirt and sleep pants.  And a sweater.   And a heavy robe.   And is covered by an electric throw.

The medication was supposed to be increased again today.   We've had conversations with the specialized pharmacy that oversees the dosage.  They will talk to the doctors down at University of Alabama hospital and decide where to go from here.     In might have to remain the same for now or even be cut back to the lower dosage. 

This thing I know....  We are so fortunate that our doctors here in Cullman referred us to UAB for his care.   We trust the staff there. 

This thing I know....  We trust the nurses and pharmacists at Accredo (the pharmacy).  We are grateful they referred us to The Assistance Fund.  Between our Prescription insurance and the Fund the $20,000 cost each month is taken care of.

This thing I know...   I am grateful for the 7 years after retirement we traveled the country in an RV.   We met great people.   We saw things I never thought I would see.    We have those memories.

This thing I know....    We decided to settle at the perfect time.   Gods timing is always perfect.  We found the perfect house for us while in Pennsylvania.   I "just happened" to go online and found this house shortly after it was listed.   Within days we were on our way to Alabama after our offer was accepted.   This gave us over 2 years to make those changes we wanted.   More land was cleared.  The shop was enclosed.   Painting done inside.  Light fixtures changed out.  Shiplap installed in dining and living areas.  Carpets changed.  Pond dug.  Anything more we would have liked done is just cosmetic.  Nothing that has to be done.

This thing I know....   I love our church family back in Upper Deerfield,  NJ.  When in the area we visit.  Its like going home.    And we found the perfect church here in Cullman.   After visiting a few others, when we walked in the doors we knew.    Our new Home Church.  Sharon Grove UMC.

This thing I know.....   Another Gods timing.   Before we retired and traveled, we joined a club for RVers called Escapees.   The very first magazine I received from them had an article about an organization of the United Methodist Church called NOMADS.   This is for people who travel in RVs and do 3 week projects throughout the country.  At churches, campgrounds, retreat centers, neighborhoods, etc.  We joined and had the honor of doing many projects for the 7 years we were active members.

This thing I know....   We are blessed with many friends throughout the country.   We are blessed when those who travel in RVs find their way here.   We love looking out and seeing an RV parked in one of the sites we installed shortly after moving here.   We are blessed with those other friends we have in both NJ, TX and Louisiana.

And most of all.  This thing I know.....   Our richest blessing is our families.   Our 5 children.  Our 14 grandchildren and 3 great grand-children.    Our sisters and brothers.    Our cousins whom we still maintain a contact with.    And thankful we are still able to travel and visit.

This thing I know.....  Life has had it's up and downs.   There have been heartaches.  There have been hurts.   But more than that there have been good times.   Fun. Excitement.  And most of all an abiding love for God, each other,  family and friends. 

Until next time.


  1. You have been Blessed and hopefully you will continue to share many more memories with others. You are both in our Prayers.
    Be Safe!

    It's about time.

  2. Phyllis, you have a wonderful attitude and perspective on the blessings in your life. So man wonderful memories and friendships to reflect on...Take care!!!

  3. Beautiful post Phyllis. I hope they figure out the right meds for Len so he can feel a better.
    Yes you have many wonderful people who truely love you both. Blessings for you and Len

  4. You definitely have been blessed. We are happy to call you a great friend. Prayers continue for Len.

  5. Those are all great tbings to know and appreciate:)