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Thursday, May 28, 2020

Cleaning up Part 2 Plus NOMADS visitors

Cullman,   AL

We always love visitors so we were more than happy to receive a phone call a couple of weeks ago from a couple of NOMADS.   As a reminder we were once NOMADS.  (actually still are but inactive).  Not only were we Nomadic by living full time in an RV and traveling the country but we were members of  NOMADSumc.org.    This is a mission of the United Methodist Church.   It is folks who travel in their RVs to various parts of the country as volunteers doing rebuilds, improvements, etc at church campgrounds, colleges, retreat centers, churches and  community outreach.  They also do disaster relief.

To get back to my story..... we received a call from a couple we had not met that were traveling from Florida to Indiana and asked about using one of our RV sites on our property.   They were told about us from a mutual NOMADS friend.   We are always available to any NOMAD passing by this way, being less than 8 miles from Interstate 65.

Carolyn and Gene were leaving Florida early Sunday and expected to get to Cullman in the afternoon.   In the meantime our mutual friends Gary and Sharon called and asked if they could come to the house to visit with all of us.   YES INDEEDY.   They live about an hour away.

As we always do, when campers are expected we prepare a meal.  No one likes to cook following a long drive.    And we enjoy the company.    I had a salad bar, pulled BBQ chicken sandwiches and salsa and chips.  Sharon bought a fabulous chocolate pound cake.  Best I've ever had.  We all ate, then spent the next few hours talking, talking, talking.

Here is Gary:

And left to right is Gene, Carolyn and Sharon

And Carolyn and Genes RV parked at one of our sites.     Not a bad way to travel I say.

In my previous blog I told you about Len cleaning around the creek and came upon a large pile of refuse.   We knew it was too much for us to handle so I went on the  Home Advisor site.   I had used this service in finding the company that recently removed trees.   This time I searched for someone who would haul away trash.   Just like before, I got a call not long after the request.   Andy made an appointment to see us later the same day. 

We showed him what needed to be done.    He got in touch with another man and they both checked it out.    We were given a quote that we could live with. 

Last Friday the job was done.  Andy asked if there was anything else we needed hauled away.   Sure was.    We have an open shed where we have tossed metal fence posts we had removed that were everywhere on the property. Also some tin sheets, DirecTV dish, vacuum, fencing.   He gladly loaded them on his truck.    And most everything else that he could sell for scrap.

Today I swept it out.   We use this shed for the bucket, forks and bush hog when not being used on the tractor.

On to the big job.  First came this that the crew rented:

To clean up this and more:

Actually there was a lot of scrap metal mixed in.   Andy had a truck load by the time it was done.  He will get a few dollars for it as he waits until the costs go to a point where he is satisfied.

They cleaned out to the creek

Eventually the area was cleaner

As it looks now.

When done a lot of top soil was left.   Len will move the dirt to an area by the pond that is low and remains wet in rainy weather.   We will toss grass seed in both areas.   We still want to remove more trees and brush from in front on the creek.  In the above picture note the darker area beyond the trees in the foreground.   That is where the creek runs.

As I write Len is out doing one of his favorite things.   Bush hogging the tall grass in the back that has grown in the last few weeks.   Tomorrow it will be me mowing the grass again.   It's a cycle.  Mow, Rain, Sunshine, Mow, Rain, Sunshine, etc etc.  I mow sometimes twice a week.

Until next time.


  1. I'm surprised you had to pay the guy to haul stuff to a scrap yard where he'll get money for it. Nice to get visitors! We've been social with some RV friends, but being careful still.

    1. It was more than scrap metal he could sell. It was piles and piles of trash mixed with dirt. Hence the equipment needed that he had to rent.

  2. Always nice to have friends stop in for a visit.
    It's a shame when people use their property as a dumping ground and leave it for someone else to clean up. You are both doing a great job of fixing things up.
    Be Safe and Enjoy!

    It's about time.

  3. Good to hear an update. We are well here in Wisconsin

  4. More progress on the property. It is looking really nice and clean back there. Hope you are not going to find anymore trash stashes.