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Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Could have slept in...

Fort Worth, TX

Here at this gate guard assignment we usually get up at 5 am.   At least Len does.

Traffic through the gate usually starts around 5:45.   Today, no one was here at 5:45, at 6:00, at 6:30, at 7:00.  We were getting concerned.  Finally the first person arrived around 7:40.   Apparently everyone but us knew they would be waiting for some equipment.   They could have told us.

This is our set-up.   The gate guard company supplies the generator, fuel, water and sewer system.  We supply the manpower checking people in and out the gate.

This is an easy enough way to earn some extra cash but today sure would have liked to have known we could have slept in!

But really not complaining.   This gate is a keeper.   Only 13 hour days and off on Sunday.   Compare that to 24 hour days and no days off as we did last year.  Same pay.    Does get boring however.  Leonard can sit in front to TV watching old Westerns all day.  I sleep, play on computer, read my Kindle, watch TV and start all over again.    Can only watch the same John Wayne or Gene Autry movie so many times.


  1. That spot is a million times better than your last gate keeping job!

  2. That's an interesting setup with the big walls by you. I noticed that your door is opposite the driveway too. Does that make it easier or harder for you?

    1. Our door is right in front of that long slide. We step down almost right into the driveway. The site is a lot smaller than where we were last year. The entire site has that large fence around it. Behind the site about 1/4 mile is I35. There are homes on each of the other sides. Neighbors are NOT happy. They've already let us know.

  3. I used to be able to enjoy John Wayne no matter how many times. Not so much any more. :(

  4. I guess with out much to look at it would get old but like you said extra cash always is a good thing. Maybe you can paint some trees and flowers on the wall. Just thinking.

  5. Hello. I came across your blog today while doing some research on gate guards. I could'nt help but notice the location you are on. I work for a trucking co as a water hauler and that is one of our wells we svc. i was there on that loc a couple of wks ago doing a job. There was an older 5th wheel at the gate then. My wife and i are just 3wks from becoming gate guards ourselves. we have been trying to get inyo this for 2yrs now and have finally purchased a new 5th wheel to do the job. We wil be on a gate in south tx,a very remote location. Any advice or tips on a signal booster for ph or internet?? i have been in the oilfield 6yrs+ but the gate guarding is new to us. any advice would be helpful. thank you. mike posey

    1. Hi there. Just came across your reply today. We got here three weeks ago. The man who we replaced had had back surgery and found it was too much for him. Congrats on your decision to gate guard. It really is an easy way to make some cash.

      As far as signal booster - we have a Wilson antenna. Don't need it hear as I am getting full signal on phone and internet - Verizon. In remote areas just might not. The one we have is about 4 years old. I would recommend talking to people who have newer ones. When we first got it we could see an improvement in signal. Not so much now. We've stopped even trying.

      Again, good luck!