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Wednesday, December 16, 2015

I'm wading into a controversial topic....

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Lately I've taken some chances and changed up my blog a bit.  Not just RV related a few times. A few rants here and there.

Read no further if you are not "into" politics.  Or easily offended.

I am a Political Junkie.  I offer no apologies.   Regardless of what party affiliation or no party affiliation one might have, all opinions if well thought out deserve a measure of respect.   I read articles and try to read comments that follow.  Some are way beyond nasty.

I have friends who lean in a different direction than me.  That's what makes this country great. If we did not a two party system we would quickly become a dictatorship.   It takes the pulling of the two sides to keep us some where in the middle.

As a Political Junkie I watch the debates.   Following I often have to scratch my head.  I listen to the pundits, I read folks comments.  Did they watch the same debate I did?  Or perhaps (probably) what I see is viewed through my own lens.

Once more I hear a certain Billionaire Businessman was the winner.   What I see and hear is a man who offers no real policies.  Just throws out insane (to me) rhetoric in an attempt to stir up the already frustrations of people who feel they don't have a voice.   On top of that, he is just plain rude.  I don't want a President who is rude or egocentric.   I want one who listens to people who know more than he.    Especially our military leaders.  That is a downfall of our current President.

I was a fan of the Governor from Ohio.  Until these debates.  What a disappointment.   I am still a fan of the good doctor.  But I now feel he just does not have what we need.   I am not comfortable with the 1st term Senator from Texas and I can't understand the leanings of the Senator from Kentucky.

The former Governor of Florida makes some good points.  But I don't think we another President from the same family. (On either side.)  I think the other two Presidents from this family were fine men.   And then there's the lady former CEO.  I like her.  But not President.  Maybe VP?

So that leaves two.  The no-nonsense Governor of NJ or the Senator from Florida.  They both are clear thinkers and quick on their feet in a debate.    I could accept either.

What worries me is........ the loud mouth rude Billionaire Businessman will continue to rise in the polls.  He can insult a War Hero, the looks of a woman, the professionalism of a woman journalist, a physical disability of a reporter and anyone who disagrees with him.   His supporters don't care.  Sad.  What happened to plain old good manners I ask?

Gonna get interesting........


  1. I think you and I are probably have different political affiliations, but I agree with every word you said. It is so crazy that people can't disagree with another person's political views without falling into horrible name calling and fear mongering. I am hoping that the primaries will start to whittle the candidates down into a clear and I hope good alternative to that certain businessman you reference.

  2. Sitting north of the 49th parallel I really can't comment who I think is the better person for the top job but I can say that anyone and everyone running for any political office in any country should have manners and the ability to know when to use them.

    It's about time.

  3. I've never been a political junkie - until this year! I find myself by turns disturbed, disgusted, and disillusioned. You're certainly right about the "Businessman"! What scares me is that everyone likes to be on the side of the "winner" so as his poll numbers rise and he gets more press, more people will jump on his bandwagon just to be on the winner's side. I wish people would THINK and LISTEN before jumping on that particular bandwagon. Can you see those sneers and hear those insults playing well in the world's political arena??? God help us.

  4. I think he was good for the politcal stage in the beginning,his outlandish remarks and tough stands resonated with so many that the rest of the politicians had to sit up and take notice...but his time is long over with...think other politicians have gotten at least a small clue as to what average joe is concerned with in this country, but it is scary how many would vote for him. You are right office of president should have political experience and he is rude, condescending and at times an out and out ahole. our country is not a business not many are going to bow to you because of your money. an d in business, doesnt go well..oh well shut it down and move on this is our country not our corner 7-11. I am not a political junkie and pretty much wait until much closer before making a decision. I have a cousin that thinks obama walks on water and she loves to put me in my place if I post something..she goes to great lenghts to look stuff up read articles etc...on fb I try to stick to cartoons and I dont care which party it is if I think its funny I'll post it.

    1. ps..this is Donna...dnt know why it shows our blog as address and dont know how to change

  5. One thing I do not want to be included in is the "everyone likes the businessman. " I think he is rude, obnoxious, a great disappointment for all. How people won him just because he says what they're thinking. I'm not sure I want to President that says what I'm thinking. Seems very dangerous to me.

  6. If he gets in we will all be in trouble. May God help us!

  7. I usually stay away from political anything, but only comment, why would anyone vote for someone that's already IN the Govt and hasn't done anything to help the "America people".

  8. You know we are on different sides of the 'fence', but still pretty good neighbors! I can't imagine this country voting for and putting the 'businessman' in the White house. I have serious issues with all the candidates, no matter the party. However, I will vote for the candidate who (by next November) insults my intelligence the least. Don't tell me what to do with my body, don't tell me that I haven't earned my Social Security, don't tell me I can't have affordable health care, don't try to 'scare' me about everything from muslims, terrorists, crazed gunman, or anything else. Offer SOLUTIONS to problems, not just rhetoric! Oh, and lets take the millions of dollars we give corporations in tax breaks and repair our roads and bridges! Rant over :)

    1. And stop sending money to countries that hate us. That money does not help the people, it goes in the pockets of the politicians.

  9. I think Trump's popularity has more to do with the direction people perceive the country has been going in for the last 7 years than Trump's statesmanship(or lack thereof). Obama has made the silent majority angrier and angrier and Trump knew this and poured some energy into them and became their leader. I don't think the current state of campaigning has anything to do with Democrats or Republicans (since you cannot tell the ones on capitol hill apart). It has to do with the perception of leadership in our republic and the majority (not so silent any more) feels strongly that it does not represent them.