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Wednesday, December 9, 2015

Not a rant .......dinner together

Jonestown,  PA
AOK Campground

First.... a response to Darlene (hope you get this).  I saw your comment on my last post.  You left no way to make contact.   Yep, we are nearby.  Hope you like your Cedar Creek.  We have mixed feelings.   If you want to talk full timing we are here only until Jan 1.  Site 143.

Now, the latest.   Last Saturday my daughter Terri hosted a dinner for us and my brother and sister and their families.    How cool it is that they drove close to 3 hours from their homes in NJ to come see us.

Son-in-law Steve with my brother Norm and Cane our favorite dog:

Sister-in-law Nora:

My sister Debbie's grandson Lance with my niece Erin  (Norm and Nora's daughter) with her daughter Hailey.   That's daughter Terri preparing dinner:

Three siblings:  Norm, me and Debbie
 All of us together:

And Miss Kitty the feral cat who adjusted well moving from NJ to Pa last year:

It was a special day.  


  1. How wonderful for you all to get together. Great pictures. I guess you restored windows 7 luck you

  2. Very nice to have family by. The weather is so nice, too! No snow yet :)