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Thursday, December 3, 2015

Upgrades and

Cleona, PA

In September we had heavier axles and springs added to our 2014 Cedar Creek Fifthwheel.

On Tuesday we left NJ headed to spend the month of December at a campground in Jonestown, PA near where my daughter Terri lives.  We had made arrangements with the shop which did the work to stop there on the way.  They had requested when back in the area to stop by and they would check that the U Bolts were still torqued right.

While still in NJ Leonard noticed the rig was listing to the left a little.  When stopping at a convenience store for coffee, he checked under the rig and saw nothing that looked amiss.  As we were crossing the Delaware Memorial Bridge from NJ to Delaware we heard crashing noises.  At that point the trailer turned at a sharp angle to the left.  We were hitting plastic barrels on the bridge placed there to block the left lane for bridge work.  We knocked over about 10 of them.  We slowed down to a crawl with flashing lights until we crested the bridge and got to the other side.  Before entering the toll booths there was a turn off used by bridge authorities to make their turnarounds.   We could not have gone through a toll booth.....the truck is a dually and  trailer leaning far left, we were really wide.

Len looked under and saw the new axle was about a foot back and only the main spring was there and the rest had fallen off.

Here Len had pulled the axle back in line.

What to do.  What to do.  

 Len called the shop  They said they did not have a tow vehicle to come get us, we were 1 1/2 hours away.   So we called Good Sam roadside assistance.   They said they would get back to us.

In the meantime I posted on Facebook what was going on.   Len wisely kept the old springs and stored them in a utility trailer we have parked at my daughter Amy's house in MD, about an hour and a half away.  I called her. Luckily both she and her husband mostly work from home.  Scott was home and would bring them to us.   I worried about Leonard getting under the trailer and doing any work, due to still recuperating from knee replacement.

About then my brother called and asked what was going on.  My nephew saw my post on Facebook. Right away they offered their help.   So about an hour and a half later, son-in-law Scott arrived with the old spring.  Then my brother and nephew arrived to help.   In the pouring rain.

Then Good Sam called. They said they were having a hard time finding a tow for a 40ft fifth wheel.  WHAT?   This is what we pay $159.00 a year for = TOWING A FIFTH WHEEL.   They offered to send someone to check and see if they could.  We told them never mind, we have it handled.  We will be having a conversation with them today.

Len and Scott taking the tire off

Nephew JR jacking tire up to replace U bolts and springs

JR replacing U bolts with my brother Norm assisting.

Scott and JR popping hangers back into upright position.

We are eternally grateful for JR, Norm and Scott.  There is no way Len, still favoring new knee,    could have crawled under the rig.   Also, having self leveling jacks help.

We make it to Ephrata, PA with no issues.  The rig is still in the shop.  They will put on new springs, heavier U bolts.   We don't know what the cause was......just that the springs fell apart.  

Despite the hassles, we were fortunate.  We kept the old spring.  Scott was home and could bring them to us.  JR read my Facebook post.  Norm owns his own construction company and they were able to leave the job to offer assistance.  We were less than two hour drive to where the original work was done.  They are taking full responsibly.  Our daughter Terri lives 25 miles from the shop so we have a place to stay while rig is in shop.  And even being on the bridge, there was a safe place to pull over before the tolls.

It's always something.....


  1. That is so scary! So glad that everything fell into place to get you guys back into position to move on for repair. I will be interested to hear what Good Sam has to say about their inability to do their job. We have their roadside assistance also.

  2. Oh my gosh! What a revolting development that turned out to be.

  3. I'm happy all went well and you were close enough to family with nohow was available. But this business with Good Sam is a bit unsettling. I also have there roadside assistance but I don't have a rig at this time but have needed there help with a dead battery and then a flat.

  4. So glad that everything fell into place. God had you in His hands. With the interstate truck traffic you'd think local tow shops would have heavy duty tow trucks.