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Sunday, December 27, 2015

2015 in the rear view window

Jonestown AOK Campground
Jonestown,  PA

As we prepare to once more hit the road in a few short days, I think back all we've done this year of 2015.   There were highlights, good trips and challenges.   All have become the fabric we wove of another year on the road.

We volunteered 9 weeks on NOMADS  (www.nomadsumc.org)  projects.  Six weeks in Mercedes, TX and 3 weeks in Austin, TX.

The team house in Mercedes

 Handicap ramp in Austin

We each had some health issues.   I fell down the rigs steps while in Mercedes and sprained an ankle.  Len was hospitalized twice.  In Louisiana he was having difficulty breathing.  A blood clot from his leg broke and entered a lung.  They inserted a filter before a kidney.   After having many issues with his right knee, he realized it was time for a total knee replacement.  That was done in NJ back in October.  He is not back to full recovery yet.

There always seems to be some mechanical issue to deal with. This year we decided to have heavier axles and springs put on the Cedar Creek.   A few months later they failed us going over the Delaware Memorial Bridge.  After repairs we trust there will not be further issues.

One of our air conditioner units compressor burnt out and had to be replaced.  Fortunately still under warranty.

But there were good highlights too.   We managed to travel part of the Natchez Trace.  We will surely return.

We took granddaughters and great niece to Disney World.   Oh, the A/C unit we had trouble with?  The problem started just a day or so before we headed to Florida.  Nice being in Florida in June and July, with only a bedroom A/C and living in a tin can.  It was fixed the day before we left the state.
Still.... all had a grand time at Disney.

In August we flew to Alabama when son Lennie married our new daughter in law Lois.

We camped three different times near my sister giving us sister time together.

In September we visited many sites in Michigan and we fell in love with the state.  Our reason for heading in that direction was the NOMADS annual meeting in Kalamazoo.

Some stats:    We stayed at 26 different campgrounds, three we listed as excellent.  Mackinaw Creek Campground in Mackinaw City, MI;  Tombigbee State Park in Tupelo, MS and Fort Wilderness in Buena Vista, FL.

We spent $4,323 on campgrounds averaging $11.84 a night.  We traveled 24,373 miles and spent $4,534 on diesel.

All in all 2015 was another good year.


  1. It certainly has been a busy 2015. Hopefully we both have a better 2016 with no major repairs or hospital stays!

  2. May 2016 be a better year for you both.
    Be safe and Enjoy!

    It's about time.

  3. Well hope you have less medical and mechanical problems next year. But there were lots of good things too. Have a Happy New Year and as always be safe on the road

  4. A busy year in deed. We hope 2016 brings you good health and wonderful adventure.