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Monday, December 7, 2015

Rant.....I must be stupid

Jonestown,  PA

Yea, stupid to feed into this.  TECHNOLOGY.

My first computer was a Commodore 64.  Anyone remember that?   It was all that and more, or so we thought.   Next came my desk top.   I'm thinking it had Windows 98.    Then came laptops.  My first was a Acer with Windows XP.   That served me well and I was happy with it.  Eventually that first laptop got slower.   So I bought a Toshiba with Windows 7.  Leonard still uses the old Acer but only to play solitaire.  

I never really liked the Toshiba.  It was in the shop A LOT.   I would occasionally use the Acer. Well, what do you know....... Microsoft stopped supporting the XP operating system.  Of course, why not when you can not so gently force people to part with more money to update to a newer system.  Over and over again.

Last year I got impatient with the Toshiba.  I gave it to my granddaughters and bought a Dell with Windows 8.   Then came 8.1.   Once I got through the learning curve, I liked it.  So, what did I do over this last weekend?   I downloaded Windows 10.   I HATE IT.  I can't import pictures.  I hate learning curves.  I have no patience.  I am technically challenged.  (Is there a support group for this?)  I will have my son-in-law Steve show me how to take it off.   After all, he helped me install it.   He knows more about these things than I ever will.

And now let's talk about phones.   Am I the only geezer with a dumb phone?   My Samsung flip phone works just fine.   I don't need a phone for a GPS.  I have a GPS that came with the truck.  More on that later.  I don't need a phone to search the Internet.  That is a job for my Dell with the useless Windows 10.  I just need a phone to make phone calls and occasional text.    You won't see me sitting in a restaurant, doctors office or standing in line at Disney playing games on my phone.

Last year for Christmas Leonard gave me a Verizon tablet.   It was on sale for $70.00 with a $70.00 debate.  He is a real sport.   I do like it and will take it in the truck with us while traveling.  Helps to find a place to overnight.   I had it just about a month when I wanted a cover.  We went back to the Verizon store to get one.  It had to be special ordered.  Reason?   My tablet is a 7.  Obsolete.  They were selling a Verizon 8 so only had covers for a more modern(?)tablet.  

We do love a GPS.  But even they become obsolete.  That's not really their fault is it?  Stores close down and move. New restaurants open up or go out of business.  There are new bridges and highways.  So last year we paid over $150. for the CD's that updated the GPS that came with our 2011 F350.   Still takes me to where Walmart or the Post Office used to be.


  1. I more than understand as I am less tech savvy than you are. my phone is only fancier than old flip phone because it was free....I use it to call and text..one feature I do like is that I can voice text since it take me an hour to type a sentence on that tiny keypad always hitting wrong keys

  2. Well now I know the tech working on my 10 is a real jerk and keeps telling me I am the only person who seems to be having a problem with photo's I kept telling him to take this darn windows 10 off and restore my windows 7, but oh no he had to keep trying all these other things and now it's awful but I can transfer from the camera once again. I am going to find someone to restore my windows 7 as I really hate this 10 thing.

    I love your comment about your GPS. I had my first one stolen and never was able to figure out the new one so it has been sitting in the drawer now for about 2 1/2 yrs.

  3. Lol. Feel your pain. Sometimes things should be left well enough alone, but like you said, it's all about spending more money.

  4. We've had our share of new devices but we're not into the latest and greatest. Kathy still has some issues with Windows 10 but is getting there. In order to keep my sanity I just kept Windows 7 otherwise most of my programs wouldn't work.
    Neither of us text so using smart phones is a waste. I have a problem with my extremities (hands) being constantly cold so smart phones don't respond to my touch. It's nearly impossible to find a flip phone antwhere but I'm trying.
    Be Safe and Enjoy!

    It's about time.

  5. Do you remember the big thick operating manuals that you used to get with the early computers? You could hunt up anything in the index and learn how to do it. The they just started giving you a big chart with pictures. Now they don't even give you that. Cell phones are the same. The tech guys in the stores don't even know anything a bout them - they have to go on line to find out - heck, I could have done that!

    I have come to the conclusion that Apple products are now inferior to Microsoft and Android. They have made huge leaps beyond what Apple is producing now. My Android talks to my MS PC but Apple won't let anybody talk to the Apple product.

  6. Hi I just went on your blog first time I liked your name I was looking at tumbleweed who I follow and I saw you are in Jonestown I'm in Fredericksburg So Hi neighbor we have a CC FW too And want to be full time ASAP going to Florida it would be fun to talk sometime I'm Darlene

    1. Hi Darlene....... we are at Jonestown AOK until Jan 1. Site 143. If you are on FB, friend me Phyllis East and I will give you my number.

  7. I have given up and accepted that tech gear is good , at best, for two years. My problem with Microsoft is that they are now into the renting business and windows 10 is all about you renting every thing they want you to put on the machine. I still use an owned copy of MS Office 2007 that works just fine. I fail to see why I need to rent a new version for $100 bucks a year. I have been told it is aimed at the Millennials:(

  8. Phyllis, I have gone through a whole bunch of windows versions, and with each upgrade there are some goods and bads to them...and learning all the new ways to do things does get tiring. And yes, we too have dumb phones...both Marcia and I use flip phones...we love our Kindle Fires for reading, browsing inside coffee shops or wherever, but nothing is as nice as using the computer for all the things we read, watch and play. --Dave (GoingRvWay.com)