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Friday, May 23, 2014

A small project while we wait

Centerville,  TX

Only 14 more days and we will have completed our commitment this year here in the oil field.   We are anxious to get on the road.

In the meantime, Leonard started working a  project yesterday.    He had made the lamp post as seen below last year.  We've received many comments about it.

He is now in the process of making one for some special friends as a Thank You.   In addition he will make two more to be auctioned at our annual Nomads (www.nomadsumc.org) meeting to be held in Branson, Mo is September.    The auction is a large fund raiser each year.  It raises over $40,000 that is used to provide project funding for agencies who lack the money to purchase materials.

One step this morning was to get some tools from our basement. Some were in the basement, others in the huge toolbox he built for the bed of the truck.


Yesterday he drove the 50+ miles each way down to Huntsville, TX for the PVC pipes and the lanterns.  He could only find black lanterns.  No problem. An easy fix.

He will completely assemble the one lamp post for our friends.  The other two will travel in pieces until September when we get to Branson.

Our lantern always travels in a container and is added when at a site.  Oops on one of the project lanterns.

When Leonard spray painted the lanterns he removed the glass and laid them on a side table.   They were there maybe two minutes when he hit the table with his elbow.   Okay, gotta find a hardware store that sells and cuts glass.

As he was working on his project today, a truck driver stopped and asked him how much he wanted for one of the lamp posts.   Thinking this might be something worth considering in the future????


  1. Great job on the yard light. That looks like 4" PVC and I standard pole light. I think I'll go shopping.

  2. Good idea! Make a little more money while you can :)

  3. Great idea. I just might look into doing that myself.

    My new blogsite:
    Rick’s Bits ‘n Bytes, Pics and News

  4. I think that is an excellent idea!!! Make money and make folks happy...definitely a win-win!! Let me know, I just might buy one!! :-)

  5. Hi Phyllis. I haven't been writing in my blogs for a while but I have just read your post about possibly going gluten free. It's a great idea to live wheat free for a couple of weeks to see how you feel. There is just one thing to be cautious about. Much of the gluten free food in the shops is rubbish and will not give you a fair indication of whether you are better off. The one book that settled the question for John and I is Wheat Belly by dr. William (Bill) davis who is a cardiologist. I guess we now follow more of a paleo-primal pattern of eating but we still have plenty of dairy. Eating without wheat and other grains has become normal for us after more than 2 years but it does mean we prepare most of our own meals from scratch. We don't seem to have any problems eating out as we just ask for burgers without the bun or throw the bun away. Quite often we are offered gluten free buns which we don't like very much. I was a huge eater of bread. John could not imagine eating lunch without it being a sandwich. It took some creative thinking but we eat the most delicious food ever. Our normal lunch is a bit like an antipasto plate with pickles, olives, salami or other cold meat, hard boiled egg, cheese, any vegetable cooked or raw. Sometimes I have an omelet ... for instance today I had 2 eggs beaten up with a little water and cream which is optional. I tipped this into a pan where I'd cooked a few spinach leaves, slices of courgette or zucchini, chopped onion and herbs.

    Initially I lost a lot of weight, close to 70 pounds total, but now it's slow as can be coming off. The thing is I am not on a diet, but have not regained the lost weight either. It's still a strange feeling to eat until satisfied, which I believe should be normal for anyone, not count calories, and yet not overeat and gain weight.

    Talking of one of the health improvements ...... I had lots of aching joints. My fingers hurt to bend and if I used them a lot, writing or sewing, they would ache all night. I decided to start patchwork quilting again, because I wanted to make a gift, at the end of Jan. I haven't stopped stitching yet. I do all my piecing and quilting by hand. many hours most days. Sometimes my fingers are a little clumsy but they never ache :) I have noticed my hands are a lot stronger ..... I can use the hand operated can opener and rarely need to ask John to open jars for me.

    Along with not eating wheat we do eat plenty of 'healthy fats' like butter, cheese, whole milk, whatever fat comes with our meat, pork belly, bacon, grain free sausages, eggs. Our blood tests are the best ever and no medication for me. John has to take something for an enlarged prostate.

    I so wish I'd cut wheat out of my diet years ago. My health continues to improve and I can now see all the things that might have been very different, including the health of our children, if I had known 40 years ago, what I know now. I guess that's the story of life :)

    All I can say is that I really, really encourage you to think seriously about giving this a fair go. Think about it carefully and plan to do at least 2 weeks trial. There are lots of suitable recipes in the low carb, wheat free blogs on the web. You can even enjoy the most delicious pizza using a cauliflower crust. Here is one recipe site that I used when I first began http://yourlighterside.com/your-lighter-side-cookbook/

    I'd better stop there as I could rave on for ever.

    All the best ... Blessings

  6. Great job Leonard. I might have Paul make one of these for my birding area.

    The glass might cost you a few pretty pennies. Buying and entire new lateen might be cheaper.

  7. Leonard is so handy and creative. I know ACE sells and cuts glass it isn't that expensive but I don't know how much the lanterns cost. It's a nice gesture for the auction to make some extra money. And if he made one for this truck driver he could add in the cost for maybe another post.