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Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Saw him (or her) but didn't get a picture.

Centerville,  TX

Since I starting to coming to the Texas and Louisiana area in 1988 I keep seeing Armadillos.  Dead on the road.   The first time I saw a live one was last year when we were walking  a path in a National Wildlife Refuge down near Mercedes, TX.

Yesterday Len was checking in a truck when I heard him call my name. I went to the door and he pointed to an area about one foot from the gravel road that goes back to the well and is in front of our rig.   Yep, there he was, Armadillo digging a hole.    He was about twenty feet from our front door.

I quickly grabbed my camera.  I got it out of the case.   I took the lens cap off.  I flipped the viewer.  I pointed it to the area where Armadillo was digging.   I saw the back end as he ran off into the woods.   Maybe next time.

I did hang our Hummingbird feeder last week and we have frequent visitors.

Or another note:

I am starting to consider something.    Our 7 year old granddaughter has many allergies, among them gluten. I've heard often people talk about feeling better once they eliminate gluten from their diet.  Today I read an article about signs of gluten intolerance.   Got me lots of them.

A little earlier this evening a gate guard who started last night 2 miles down the road stopped by.  She had a few questions as this is her and her husbands first time as gate guards.    In conversation she remarked she stopped eating gluten some months ago and feels so much better.   I thought what a coincidence she brought this up as I read the article just hours before.

Can I give up bread?  cookies? cake? pasta? all made with WHEAT.   I tasted Charlotte's rice bread - no thanks.   However the pasta, noodles and some of her cookies are not that bad.   Thinking I might have to give this a try.

What are your thoughts?  Any of you on a gluten free diet?  Has it made a difference?


  1. I'm not on a gluten free diet but I have to be very careful about eating foods high in vitamin K. I am taking Warfarin (I have Factor Five Leiden Mutation, genetic blood disorder) and vitamin K foods cause my INR to be "off." Please let me know what you think and how you feel by reducing gluten in your diet. Very interested!!!

  2. I have seen my share of live Armadillos, but I also have seen a lot more of them DOA along the road. I suspect they are not to bright.

  3. I haven't had any personal experience with gluten free diets, but I've read several accounts of people who have eliminated gluten from their diets with very positive results. Can't think of any specific examples at the moment, but if I come across them I will pass them on to you.

  4. I've heard so many instances of people eliminating gluten from their diet. They all say the same thing, they feel so much better. I think it would be hard to stick to, like any healthy diet :(

  5. I haven't had to go on this diet but have tried many gluten free foods. Fresh baked or store bought. If you look for some recipes and follow them well the food is not all that bad. Making your own gluten free foods in much cheaper than what you buy ready made. All stores carry ingredients now. Big Lots had the most I have seen. It may take some getting used to but if it makes you feel better then it is well worth the try. Other things can always be added to make them taste more to your liking. Good Luck.