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Friday, May 2, 2014

Who designed these.....

Centerville, TX

We very much like several things about our 2014 Cedar Creek Fifth wheel model 36CKTS.   Love the residential type refrigerator, love the walk in bedroom closet, love the full size sofa bed instead of the air bed we had in the Montana.    Really love the self leveling system.

But there are some things you just gotta wonder!   Behind the sofa is a large window under which are two smaller windows that crank out.   The cranks LOOKED like this.

On our first trip out both knobs broke completely apart,  leaving the posts exposed and puncturing a small hole in the back of the "leather" sofa.   As we had to take the rig back to the dealer for some other minor issues we had them address this problem.   The fix?   Crank handles.   Notice we keep foam around them to be sure no further damage occurs.

A dumb, dumb design.  Hey guys - place the windows higher or install a sofa with a shorter back. Problem solved.

Next issue:   

Our entertainment unit.  On the right of the fireplace is a radio.   We like this as there are speakers outside under the awning.   On the left is the space for the satellite receiver.   BUT the outlet for the receiver is in the cabinet under the Radio.   Quite a bit of fun threading the electrical cables behind the fireplace and where the TV goes down while traveling.    Who thought this would be the right way to go?

Now this one is really dumb.   One thing we like about the unit is that the door comes with plastic panels that snap in over the screens.   I love this because summer, spring, fall and winter I like the main door open leaving in light.   But directly across the door on the wall is this:

The sun shines in through the door, and is heated by the plastic panels, hitting the thermostat.   On goes the air conditioner regardless of temp in the room.   Genius!

One thing I've disliked is having to open the slide on the screen/storm door every time I entered or exited.  Last week Leonard partially solved it by installing a handle inside. 

Now I only have to open the slide when exiting to get to the outside handle.  When entering I just pull the new inside handle.  I know some newer models come with a handle on both sides or some other modification.   Next time in Camping World or other large RV supply store.   I will be checking it out.

So, it leaves me with a question, do these people who design RV's ever spend any time in one?


  1. I don't think so. My guess is many of them are very tall males as well.

  2. Paul bought an extension for our door. Look at this post and you can see what it looks like
    I love it.

    The thermostat location is absolutely ridiculous.

  3. Nope, they all need women to help with the inside designs!

  4. Every RV it seems has some peculiar features and the ones you've shown are pretty annoying alright. I sure wouldn't want to lean my head back on your sofa with that metal crank handle positioned the way it is.

  5. the thermostat is in a bad place. But I lived in a cute little cabin many years ago and who ever added the heating system put the thermostat right across from the fire place. So either no fire and heat or fire and no heat.

    But I always said no woman ever designed these rigs.

  6. Well obviously they aren't designed by RVers!! Love your Cedar Creek!!
    It's been a long time since I've connected with many of my blogging friends. As you might already know, we came off the road but now have a tiny little camper and so the "bug" is hitting us again. Who knows where it might lead. Anyway, it is good to reconnect with you guys and catch up on your adventures.