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Thursday, May 29, 2014

A week to go and counting

Centerville, TX

One week from today and we will be leaving the Texas oil patch until next February or March.  It's been 3 and a half months and we are so ready.

So I started my "almost" gluten free diet three days ago.  So far, so good.   I have to admit I did have a slice of pizza yesterday.   My neighbor Gate Guard, Sandi, is also off wheat.    She gave me half a loaf of bread that is absolutely delicious.   She says she finds it in the frozen bread section.   It is called Ezekiel 4:9.  Sounds Biblical, doesn't it.

However, I just looked at the label and it lists Org Sprouted Wheat, Org Sprouted Barley, Org sprouted Millet, Org Malted Barley, Org Sprouted Lentils, Org Sprouted Soybeans, Org Sprouted Spelt, Fresh yeast, Org wheat gluten and sea salt.   Well to me that sure looks like lots of wheat.  I was wondering what the heck is Org.    Okay - guess it means Organic.    Reading further is says it has natural gluten.   Now, what is the difference between natural gluten and unnatural - the cost of the bread?

As of last night I lost ONE pound.   I know enough to know that means NOTHING.   We can vary by a few pounds each day.

I would love to be able to take walks around here.   However, 50 feet in one direction and there is a cattle guard.   50 feet in the other is the entrance to the well site where hard hats and other personal protection equipment is required.   The road by us is a country road with no shoulder and a speed limit of 75.   Lots of oil field equipment up and down the roads all hours of night and day.

These wells are is on private property.   The landowner man, Bob, comes by on occasion.  I recently found out the extent of his property.   There are 8 well sites at this gate in varying stages from the pad being constructed, some wells producing and others almost ready.    Down the road about two miles is another site where our neighbor gate guards are stationed.   Their road goes back about 2 miles and from what I can determine there are 10 or more sites back there.

At our location we usually have 8 to 10 loads of crude being removed each day.  At the other site it is that many or more.  Sandi was told each truck load of crude has a value of $18,000.   I curious what is the % given to the landowner.    He raises cattle but I am thinking raising crude is more profitable.  And a lot less work for him.


  1. A week will go by quickly and you'll be back on the road and setting up house in green grass instead of dust! Yay!

  2. As my doctor once said...you might not lose lots of weight but you will be healthier. The weight that goes off slowly is more likely to stay off!!!
    Interesting information about the crude industry.

  3. I bet you are sooo ready to get moving down the road.

    All those wheat products in that bread! Maybe it is something in they way it is processed that makes it OK

  4. I bet you two can't wait to get back onthe road. It would be a bit frustrating not to be able to go out and take a nice walk.

    One pound isn't much by it is a start. Stick with it!