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Sunday, June 1, 2014

How do you Texans stand it?

Centerville,  TX

Only 4 more days at the gate!    Can hardly stand the wait.

Aside from that, how do you folks from Texas stand this heat and humidity?    Maybe it's just me.  About 10 years ago we were on one of these touring barges on San Antonio river at the river walk.   When I stood up, I collapsed.  I slept for the next 4 days.

 Either heat exhaustion or heat stroke.   Since then I fail when faced with heat.  I tire easily and just want to lay down and sleep.   Has anyone else had this reaction?  

The gate is extremely slow.   A few trucks in and out at night picking up crude.    At this time there is only one person back at the site(s).   One night earlier in the week - no one.   HEY!  as I was typing this, out he came.  Means no one back there.  

 Two nights earlier in the week - NOTHING.     We asked about letting us both sleep at night but Company Man said no.

The Gate Guard company we work for raised their rate another $175.00 a week.  That's nice but it just took effect last Monday.   Sure would have been appreciated if it had been the whole time.   Complain, complain, complain.   Is this heat making me (more) grouchy?


  1. That is quiet a raise.

    Heat makes me very tired also. I think only young people can live in Texas. They can handle the heat.

  2. Heat is awful...it tires me out and just makes me lethargic!!!

  3. Come on up to SD temps in the 50's and wet.

  4. My aunt and uncle left Texas decades ago and moved to MN because of the summer heat. Even being a native, you know it wipes me out. I just can't tolerate it. Even the days here when it's humid and hot, I tend to stay indoors with the A/C, at least during the hottest part of the day. Hang in there! Won't be long and you'll be Alaska-bound!

  5. Well, I'm definitely not from Texas, but I know what you mean! When we were in Texas this March, by the time we left it felt like mid-July or August to me, and I was very happy to be heading north before it warmed up even more. :) Hang on - you are almost there!!!!!!

  6. Texas heat can suck the energy out of a person like workamper drama can suck the life out of a dead fish. If you really want ot experience Texas heat/humidity stick around through August. I do not know how our grandparents did it. For me, I have to get outside early and stay out there all day. Coming inside then going back outside only amplifies the temperature.
    You will survive this and will have something to tell others. Think about those folks working on the rig the you are guarding.

  7. I love the heat, but it sure can sap the strength out of you. I don't think that our bodies are meant for extreme temps. Have you ever tried one of those fabric things around your neck to cool you down? I've heard they can help.