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Sunday, June 8, 2014

To Alaska Day 1

Vernon, TX

Miles traveled:     329
Diesel cost:         $ 3.70
Route:                 I-45 ....... Rt 84...... I-35........I-35W........  Rt 287

Following Leonard washing the truck and Phyllis cleaning the Cedar Creek, we left Buffalo, TX at approximately 10:30 am.      We hit traffic jams due to construction in both the Waco and Fort Worth areas.

Needing supplies we decided to shop at the same Walmart near Hazlet, TX that we used while gate guarding earlier this year across from Alliance Airport.  

Fried chicken and potato salad for lunch while sitting on the steps leading to the bedroom in the fifthwheel.

I talked for a spell to our precious friend Diana from Sulphur, LA when she called to update us on her status. We hold dear Diana and her hubby Teaux.   Diana was Leonard's first girlfriend (when they were 5 or so).   Diana has some health problems and will be having surgery in the near future.  Her hubby is in a physical rehab facility.  In addition her elderly Mom and Dad are in a nursing home.  She has a lot to handle.

My original plan was to dry camp at a rest area just beyond Wichita Falls, TX.  However it was a very small rest area with no space to open a slide.  We traveled on.

We are now dry camping at a truck stop near Vernon, TX.    Unfortunately our generator will not accept the load of our air conditioners.    Either the generator is old (we know it is) or these A/C's draw a bigger load than our Montana did.    That's okay.  It has cooled down some and we have the two exhaust fans running plus the overhead fan in the living area and a table top fan in the bedroom.  There is a Cabela's on I-35 north of Denver where we will stop and check on replacing our Champion generator.  The thing is at about 8 years old and we only paid $250. for it.  Doesn't owe us a thing.

For dinner it was a simple salad.   We both ate too much over the weekend and feel it.   A light meal was enough.  Oh, except for the mini DQ blizzards we bought last week and stuck in the freezer.

Leonard is in the shower.  When we gets out, I will get in.  Then hoping for a good nights sleep.

Good night all.......


  1. We are following yours and several other blogs of couples heading to Alaska. Starting to do the research part of this trip, so that we can do it in a few years ourselves :)

  2. Wagons Ho! for Alaska! Is this your first trip there?

  3. Len ,I bought a 3500watt on sale at Rural king for $300, it is a copy of a Honda motor and generator, it is not very loud especially if you run it on the ground and not in the back of your truck where it vibrates.It runs my A/c with no trouble.Used it during a power failure and kept cool all night.We sure would like to see Alaska someday, make sure and send a lot of pictures.Maybe you guys can stop for a couple days on your way to New Jersey this fall. Sam & Donna....

  4. You two be safe out there. Glad you are replacing that generator. It will come in handy hot or cold.