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Thursday, June 12, 2014

To Alaska Day 5. A Tale of Two Cities

Lander, WY

Diesel:     $3.97 gallon
Temperature:    High 60's.

Today was pure joy.    We packed a lunch and took off to see what we could find.

About 20 miles outside Lander is the Red Canyon Wildlife Habitat.   Many species of wildlife call this home especially during the harsh winter months.   Over 650 head of Elk will winter there where food can be found.

 A few miles further and we followed a gravel road to the abandoned Carissa Mine.   This gold mine was in operation from 1867 until the 1870's.  An attempt in the 1940's to mine the gold proved once more the gold that was mined was of poor quality and once more the mine was abandoned.

While the mine was in operation a boom town sprung up around it.  The mine and the town are now a state historic site.

A few miles more on back gravel roads and we came upon

As I grew  up just 35 miles from the "other" Atlantic City I was curious about this one.  No casinos, no boardwalk, no salt water taffy, no not even an ocean.   Just this:

We did come across some left-over snow:

And wild flowers everywhere.   Yellow, white, purple:

Our next destination was Sink Canyon State Park.

This rushing water moves at a rate of 100 cubic feet a second, but during May and June it rises to 500 cubic feet.

It flows into this underground passage.   It is called a sink.

About 1/2 mile away it forms this, the Rise.

In the rise are two species of trout.  They are not stocked, but natural to the Rise.

We found a lovely area for our lunch:

Then Len noticed a mountain road.  

Quite a ride to the top:

A look down from 1/2 half way up:

At the top, this lake.   Beautiful

What a day!   Then to top if all off, we had dinner at a local restaurant.    Len said he had the absolute best prime rib he's ever had.   He is one happy man.

Tomorrow off to Cody!


  1. What a reward for the past few days! Yay! So glad you guys had fun. You really deserve a bunch more days like this one.

  2. A sink and a rise. I like the pictorial explanation.

  3. Just a lovely place to explore! I bet you guys are relaxing now that the truck ordeal is over :)