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Monday, June 9, 2014

To Alaska Day 2

Amarillo,   TX

Diesel:     $3.60 GALLON 
Miles:      186
Route:      Rt 287

We had heavy rains and T storms last night back in Vernon.    After a quick breakfast got on the road about 8:15.     We fought wind the entire length of the trip.    Still extremely windy.

What do they say about planning ahead?

Three years ago coming through New Mexico our check engine light came on.  The first Ford dealer we found was in Amarillo.    Our 2006 F250 had burnt injectors and the fuel pump was ready to go out.  We had 3,000 left on warranty.  We left with our 2011 F350.

Today right before hitting Amarillo our check engine light came on.   So, we passed one Ford dealer and pulled into the one where we purchased the truck.  They told us they would not even look at it for FOUR WEEKS.   Back to the dealer we passed.  They took it right in and put in on the computer.  The transmission needed a simple adjustment.  DONE.  The turbo charger needs a part.  Will be here tomorrow by 8:30 and will take only minutes to install.  All under the warranty.  They could not have been nicer.

So, we are parked next to the dealer in a Sams Club parking lot.  Just had a late lunch or early dinner at Cracker Barrel and will sit here for rest of night.

Our plan was to dry camp about 200 miles up the road tonight and get to Cheyenne, WY tomorrow and overnight at a campground.   Then on to Lander, WY on Wednesday where we have reservations for two nights.  Instead we will have to do almost 800 miles between tomorrow and Wednesday midday.  Means tomorrow night is another night of dry camping on the road.

Yea, what do they say about planning ahead.   And this is ONLY day 2.


  1. Jello, plans are always in Jello :) Glad the fix wasn't a huge one. Still a pain looking for a dealer when towing your home. Been there, done that. Hopefully you'll get a lot of those miles under your (Len's) belt tomorrow before dark.

  2. Oh dear. Be careful you two. Alaska will be there for quite a long time.

    Glad you got the truck fixed.

  3. Nice to have that nasty engine check light turn out to be something minor - and under warranty!