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Friday, June 13, 2014

To Alaska -Day 6 or at least hoping we make it to Alaska

Cody, WY

Miles driven today:   164
High temp:                 84
Campground nightly cost:    $30.00

I'm a little bummed out tonight.   Make that a lot bummed out.    After having a great day yesterday with no issue with the truck we set out for Cody this morning.   Truck runs well until we hook up the rig.   Not as bad as a few days ago, but not quite right.  Just does not take the mountains like it used to.

Once we got settled here at Absaroak Bay Campground Len immediately drove over to the Ford dealer.  His appointment was at 2:00 but he hates to be late.   So he went at 10:30.    I know, I know.   For a while we lived 3 miles from the prison where he worked.   He started work at 7 am.  He left to go to work at 5:50 am.  He gets nervous if he thinks he might be late.

So, arriving at 10:30 they told him they could not see him until closer to 2.  He came back to the campground, got me and we went to Walmart for some groceries.

After lunch he returned to the Ford dealer.   They kept the truck, told him they would check it out today and hopefully work on it tomorrow.   They had no loaners so drove him to the airport so he could rent a car.

OMG!    A rental for a compact car for THREE days comes to $532.00!!!!     Yea, THREE DAYS for $532.00!  Then they tried to convince him for another $32.00 a day to get insurance.  He explained our car insurance covers rentals.  They told him our insurance might cover damage but they charge their normal daily rental each day the car is out of service being repaired and that would be on us.   I've never heard of such a thing.   He did not get the insurance.   We will take our chances.  However, thinking of our luck lately, I don't know!

So after settling down a bit, having a nap and then dinner we only went one place tonight.  We went into town to a private museum of old guns and other "dug" up stuff or more to the point parts of old guns that the owner has collected over thirty years.  Most of them have been found at various sites throughout the country.  Some go back to the Revolutionary War and on through WWII.  A free museum but donations welcome.

We can not figure how to get the GPS to work on the rental. As the car is new, it appears it needs to be installed through Sirius or something.   We wanted to go to Yellowstone tomorrow but will stay in Cody and go to the Buffalo Bill museum complex.  We are hoping to hear from the dealer to come pick up the truck and save some big bucks.  That would be great.

Better days ahead, I hope.


  1. I sure had some catching up to do on your blog. You have been busy and I sure hope the Ford people figure out what is wrong and get it fixed fast. Some car rentals have gotten so high it isn't even funny. I remember a few years ago I rented a car for a week and a total of $136. I could never rent a car these days. I'll be sure to stay up to day.

  2. Wow. That is a crazy amount of money for three days. It must be the area you're in. We have rented a car a few times this summer for day trips we've taken and have another one coming up next week. $51/day which is less than it would cost us for the fuel for the truck, and that's for an intermediate car, not the compact. I sure hope they figure out the issue with your truck quickly and it's something easy!!!!

  3. Holy cow! Hate to say it, but the Chevy dealer that is putting our new turbo in doesn't do loaners either, but Enterprise is providing a car at no cost while they're doing the work. Not sure if it's a nice dealer or just the way it works here. No cost to us on the rental. I'm with Jess, though, rentals shouldn't cost that much!!

  4. Egads...that is outrageous! Hope this dealer knows how to fix the problem...for the LAST time.

  5. Holy cow is right on the rental. Sheesh! Perhaps costs vary by area but, still, that seems outrageous. You know, our truck never has taken mountains by storm and I've wondered if it should be better than that. I've listened to the truck and not pushed it. Going through the Appalachians, I got in line with the semis and hung with them. Passed by vehicles not towing, but hung with the big dogs. Figured if they were in the climbing lane with flashers, then it wasn't unreasonable for us to be so also. Thinking if we ever head West, it'll be slow going through the mountains but I'm okay with that. Hope this dealership can get things sussed out and you're back on the road soon.