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Thursday, June 26, 2014

Back in USA for a few hours

Whitehorse,  Yukon Territories

First I want to show you pictures of what the local Walmart parking lot looked liked yesterday.

That is only a small sample.   The entire lot was mostly filled with RV's.   Most trailers did not have a truck or car hooked up to them.  So people were not shopping, they were off somewhere else.   We use Walmart, overnight but only when going from Point A to Point B and need a few hours of sleep.    Never as a campground.

Today we took a ride of about 105 miles each way to the town of Skagway, AK via the South Klondike Highway.

On the way we passed Rainbow Lake.  The different colors are due to the reflection of white sediment of decomposed shell mixed with clay.

A little further and we stopped at:

This is a complex of museum, gift shop and eatery.  We spent money at all three.   The museum costs $8.75 each but if you mention you saw their advertisement in the Milepost, you get half price.   I mentioned, we did.   One part of the museum told the story of the North West Mounted Police and Gold Miners.

Another was a display of native animals both from the current age and recreations of animals that are extinct.

This is said to be the largest polar bear found.

Outside were huskies being tended by their owners.

Two week old babies and mama.  Lunch time.

Three week old goat

And one born the night before:

After buying a few gifts, we went to the eatery for a cup of coffee and smelled the scent of fresh baked donuts.  Ah - hot coffee and hot donuts.  The eatery.

A little further up the road and we saw these Big Horn Sheep way up on the mountain.  Glad Len bought me a better camera last Christmas.

We continued on until we entered:

Skagway has found a way to lure in the tourists both by land and sea.   I could not believe there would be a Disney Cruise Line there.   But here it is.

Another wonder - just how many jewelry stores can be in one small town.   It seemed every other store was a jewelry store.

The main tourist street:

We had lunch in a building that at one time was a brothel.

I had salmon in puffed pastry.  Len had bison in puffed pastry.   Tasty but there could not have been more than a 1/2 ounce of salmon or bison in either.  It came with halibut chowder (really good) and a small salad.  

We are now back in Whitehorse but not without first spying this fellow only about 20 feet off the road on the ride back.

Tomorrow - excitement!   Laundry and truck wash.


  1. We stopped in Skagway on our cruise many years ago. Interesting place. Nice picture of the bighorn sheep. We didn't see anything like that.

  2. Love to see the pics and read about the adventure! I LOVE halibut, no matter how it's made :)

  3. Sounds good! I can't believe people just leave their rig behind in the lot at Walmart. I guess WM doesn't care!

  4. love following along with you. nice pics. you header pic though gives me the willys. I hate mountain roads

  5. So they killed it. Pathetic.

    This is said to be the largest polar bear found.

  6. Great pictures, happy to have come across this blog!