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Tuesday, June 17, 2014

To Alaska Day 10 - To the border

Shelby,  MT

Cost of Diesel:      $3.93
Miles traveled:      407
Route from Cody, Wy to Shelby MT:   120N....72N....I-90W......Rt 191.....MT 3......Rt 87.....I-15

Yesterday was a down time day.   We picked up the truck and took the rental car back.   Nothing could be found wrong with the truck.  In fact, it is running just fine and not having issues on the inclines.   Thinking we wasted some money.  This Ford dealer only charged us $95.00, the equivalent of one hour, for the time they took checking the truck out.    Our big cost was 3 days of rental cars.  Came to $444.00.  OUCH!

The only other thing I did yesterday was catch up on the laundry.   That is always a good thing.

So today we hit the road about 8:15.    It was an easy 407 miles through mostly farmland with a few small towns thrown in.   We stopped for lunch in Eddies Corner, MT.   Looks like Eddie is the whole town:   gas station, restaurant, bar, RV park, motel, gift shop.    We both got the special of the day.  Hamburger gravy (lots of ground meat in it) over mashed potatoes, corn, roll and pineapple upside down cake.   All for $8.75 each.

Our next stop was at the Walmart in Great Falls.  It was only 3:30 but the parking lot looked like an RV park but lots less organized.  Rigs were parked every which way.   We needed a few groceries and also insect repellent.  We are warned this is a necessity where we are headed.   While in Texas and gate guarding our large plastic weave mat took a beating.  It was full of sand and dirt and starting to shred in places.   We were going to heave it but the gate guards up the road two miles asked if they could have it.   Needing to replace it,  we picked up one at the Walmart.  Looking at our receipts I was reminded that Montana has no sales tax, not even on meals   WHOOPEE!   Glad we got that mat now.

Due to the early time and how crowded Walmart was, we decided not to stay there.   I subscribe to www.overnightrvparking.com so decided to check online to see what might be available further up the road.  I found a parking area along I-15 in Shelby.  That's where we are.  Nice wide area and just us.      We picked up a pizza at Walmart that we heated and devoured.    Len is exhausted so took a shower and already in bed.  It's just 7.

So tomorrow it's across the border.    Where will we be tomorrow night?   No clue.


  1. Hope you get some rest. Thanks for mentioning that link for overnight parking. Who knows? One day we may be on the road again. I bookmarked it!

  2. That is a very handy site for locating places to "stop over" for the night. Not having to pay sales tax is a huge savings...YIPPEE!!!

  3. Strange about the truck but sure was nice to get it back and have it running great. Going to book mark that site for free parking too.

  4. Love being in states with no sales tax. Plan all our major expenses then :) Safe travels over the border!

  5. Sure hope you make it across the border without no problems and no hassles!