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Monday, June 16, 2014

To Alaska Day 8 - Yellowstone NP

Cody, WY

Yesterday was our day to drive, drive, drive, ride, ride, ride.   We took a quick trip to Yellowstone National Park.     Our entrance was at the east gate.  It was then we remembered hearing about the wild fires of a couple of years ago.   The destruction went on for miles and miles.

Eventually we saw those features of which this park is famous.

The mud volcanoes

The immense Yellowstone Lake


Grassy Plateaus


A bit of a disappointment

But most of all the animals:

The animals that were most in abundance were the buffaloes.  They were everywhere.

This one was laying within feet of a walkway around a mud volcano.

I guess he was not close enough for these two.  They slowly walked up to him. STUPID!  They were speaking French.  I guess the warning signs need to be in every language?  No common sense here.  STUPID!   As we walked away FAST we saw a Ranger headed in their direction.

Baby Buffalo

Mule Deer



And a little shot of the back end of a bear, so as our blogging friend Judy would say  "THE END"


  1. Yellowstone is one of my all time favorite places. I was also there during the fires of 1988. What an experience that was.

  2. At least you aren't stuck somewhere without a vehicle and can still go and see many wonders. You sure did see plenty wild life out there and the water falls from yesterdats post are amazing.

    And yes there are way to many STUPID visitors. Even the ones who can read and don't do as told.

  3. When we were there two years ago, there were more stupid people than those that had common sense. They should be ticketed for doing stupid stuff!

  4. So looking forward to the time when we can do Yellowstone. Nice wildlife pictures!

  5. Yellowstone is like walking on a volcano...Actually I guess that's officially what it really is...We visited it about 20 years ago...time to revisit..thanks for sharing!

  6. Yellowstone is a favorite of ours!!! So much wildlife and yes, those folks are plain STUPID!! I guess they thought he was posing for their camera. We saw a man get too close when we were there also. I think this gentleman was Japanese. Continue to enjoy your journey!!! :-)

  7. great pics! Like Old Faithful, Dan