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Wednesday, June 25, 2014

To Alaska Days 15 and 16 and 17

Monday, June 23

Location:   Iskut, BC
Miles Driven:   359
Diesel:    $7.42 a gallon.  That's SEVEN DOLLARS AND FORTY TWO CENTS!!!!!!

We left Houston, BC this morning at 7:30 am. after our morning coffee and an egg, pork roll and cheese sandwich made in the RV.   Pork roll?  We take some with us.  We buy lots when in the NJ area.  Can't get it everywhere, you know.

We continued on Rt 16 the Yellowstone Highway until we picked up Rt 37 the Cassiar Highway.   The Cassiar Hwy will connect us with Alaska Highway near Watson Lake.   This "highway" is a dreary 450 miles long.   We saw mountains in the distance, some lakes, lot of trees and 8 bears.  Very little traffic.  No shoulder and a severe drop off on each side.  We passed one car laying on its side.  Looks like it's been there a while.  And a Semi flipped over on it's side.   It was being pulled from its landing place.   

We have 196 miles to the end and our connection to the Alaska Highway.    Having been on the road for 7.5 hours we pulled into a small RV park, one of the few on this road.   $36.00 a night gets us 30 amp electric and water plus WIFI.  However, can only surf the Internet and Email.   No uploading/downloading pictures.  So will wait until I can to continue this blog.

Our view:

Tuesday,  June 24

Location:   Teslin,  Yukon
Miles Driven:   341

We left Iskut, BC at 8:05 and arrived in Teslin 5:50.    What a ride.   The remainder of Cassiar Highway was bumpy and torn up.    The highlight was

We found out that 90% of the world Jade comes from the Cassiar Mountain range.   Working on the Jade

Spending money works up an appetite so we went to the only business in town a restaurant down the street from the store.   We both had a bowl of turkey barley soup.  Then on the adive of my daughter Amy we shared a large plate of a Canadian favorite called Pouline.   OMG!   Crispy fried, gravy and cheese curds.

As we finally got to the end of Cassiar highway's 450 miles we crossed over into

 And got on the Alaska Highway.  

For a while the ride was not much better.  Several miles of the Alaska Highway was dug up.  They had watered the road making MUD.  Our rig and truck are looking really pathetic.  But, so are the rest of them in this area.

 We found the Yukon Motel and RV Park in Teslin and settled for the night.   Nice view out our side door.

Didn't see much wildlife on Tuesday.   Hard to tell but this is a mama and two cubs.

Wednesday,  June 25

Location:   Whitehorse, Yukon
Miles Driven:    91

Just a short ride this morning.   Got up, had breakfast at the restaurant of the motel and got on the road.
We are now parked at Pioneer RV Park in Whitehorse for the next three nights.  Tomorrow will probably drive down to Skagway.  

Can't be on computer too long or upload many pictures.  Limited allowance here.   Talk later.....


  1. What is a pork roll? What a view for the night you had on Monday! Never heard of Pouline.

  2. Poutine!! Love that and haven't had it for many years. Enjoying your trip.

  3. How exciting this is...not the drop off though.

    Love the bear photo. Enjoy.

  4. Although I've heard about Poutine for years and seen it sold here even at McDonalds, I have to say I've never tried it.

    Lots of bears. Great photos!