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Sunday, June 29, 2014

Out of Yukon into Alaska

June 28, 2014

Miles:    231
Left Whitehorse, YT at 9:15 am
Arrived Lake Creek Provincial Campground 2:40 p
Diesel -    $7.13 a gallon

For our time in Whitehorse we stayed three days at Pioneer RV Campground.    This campground sure knows how to pack 'em in.   Lots of Caravans stay here.  Sure glad Len knows what he is doing.  Tight getting out our spot yesterday morning.

Around noon we stopped at a rest area to grab a sandwich and cool drink.   As we were leaving Len noticed that a side panel was hanging.   Upon inspection he found all three bolts had come off.   Would think that RV manufacturers would use washers also.  Nope.   So he got out his drill and toolbox and drilled more holes and installed heavier bolts (with washers).

Fixed!  Look closely and notice the dirt on the rig.   It's worse in the front.   We washed the truck while in Whitehorse.  Should have saved our time and money.

Last night we decided to dry camp at a Provincial Park.   We chose Lake Creek park.  Only $12.00 a night on the honor system.     Free for Yukon residents.     Our site:

Once we got set up, we both looked forward to a nice hot shower.  Was not to be.  We turned on the pump = no water.  Wait!  We just had water earlier in the day.  Len walked outside to see water had run on the ground.   Somewhere along the way the plug had broken off the hot water line under the chassis.  So cold water, no hot.

June 29, 2014
Miles:   158
Left Lake Creek at 8:00
Arrived Tok, Alaska 1:30 pm   (Acutally 6.5 hour drive as the time changes at the Alaska border)

What a ride those last miles in Yukon Territory  Frost heaves and washed out areas.   They place orange flags along the road for warnings.  But don't count on an orange flag for every pothole, etc.


Not long into the state we stopped at Tetlin National Wildlife Refuge.   The work campers were so excited to see us.   They know all about NOMADS but never saw any come through that area.   They asked if we would mind having our pictures taken so they could put us on their Facebook page.   We had to sign a release.  Wow!

So here we are in Tok for the next 4 days.   While here we will take a drive up to Chicken, Alaska and see what else is around.  We are staying at

$42.25 a night and that is with the Good Sam discount.  Gail, back at the Wildlife Refuge, told us in Alaska you are permitted to overnight at any rest area or pullover.   We will take advantage of that.  It was not permitted in British Columbia or Yukon.

In the meantime, gotta get that hot water plug fixed.  Len was outside a while ago and I was thinking he was fixing it.  I went out to see him standing by the rig and the man from the motor home next to us was under  our home.   They could not get it fixed.  The man just went to town and said he will pick up what he can so they can get it done.  Len is in his recliner.  Do I hear a snore?


  1. Shows how small this world really is. Nice to have a nice neighbor help out. RVers are such good people!

  2. No hot water!...I do not take cold showers. Guess a navy shower is in order.

    The Lake Creek park looks so lovely. Do not like the looks of those ice heaves on the road! Enjoy Chicken, Alaska....what a name....lol

  3. YIPPEE Your there!
    Your not kidding about them packing them in. I'm sorry for the problems but at least the first one was and easy fix and hope the hot water one is too.

  4. those roads gotta be really hard on a rig..We were there in 2002, but not with our Hiker..just drove up and moteled it. Would like to get back...maybe we'll just ride along with you!

  5. Great header pic of the bear! Cold showers would be tough alright - hope Len can get that hot water plug fixed soon or you may end up looking as dirty as the outside of your rig - I know I would be!!! Hate cold showers.