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Sunday, June 8, 2014


Pearland,   TX

Friday night our 2nd oldest grandson graduated from high school.   We arranged our schedule to assure we could attend this occasion.   Jared is in the first row of this picture, the fourth from the right.

A high graduating class - over 800.    Amazing the entire ceremony took just an hour and a half.

Then yesterday was the party at the house.

Daughter D'Juana at preparation and granddaughter Alex looking on.

Son-in-law Joe and granddaughter Lindsey.

Leonard with two grandsons, children of daughter Cassie.   These are Logan and Nathaniel.

The day was hot but even hotter was the veggies cooked along with the crawfish.  I bit into a mushroom and WOW!   Yea, these Cajuns believe in a bit of food along with their cayenne.    The pool looked tempting but no one took advantage.

A funny story about the pool.   Joe and D'Juana just moved into this house in October.   We visited them in January.   Seeing the pool, I sent a housewarming gift - a floating lounge chair (even with a cup holder).  I've seen D'Juana several times since and she never mentioned receiving the chair.

Yesterday we were standing by the pool and I asked her if she was enjoying the gift.  She looked at me startled and laughed.  Mystery solved!   There was no card in the package that I requested from Amazon.  They had no idea who sent the chair.   The week before the chair arrived they had been shopping and saw a chair like it.  She wanted to buy it but Joe said no.  He said it cost too much right then as they are getting more important purchases.  

So one week later the chair arrives with her name on the package.   Joe accused her of buying the chair and she swore she didn't.  Eventually he believed her.   But they still didn't know where it came from.  Until yesterday.  She said we must have really thought she was rude for never thanking us.  I just figured when we talked she just didn't think about it.   Joe had a good laugh too.

As for our graduate Jared.  He leaves August 4 for San Diego for boot camp - MARINES!

Now we start cleaning the inside of this dusty rig from sitting 3+ months on a dusty road while gate guarding.  Then we head out to start of Alaskan adventure.


  1. Funny story about the chair. Tell your grandson Semper FI and thanks for his service. Safe trip to Alaska..

  2. The chair story is a great one and will be good for many laughs in the future when you all get together!

    Congrats to Jared on his graduation and good luck with the Marines!

  3. HAHAHA...a very funny story about the chair. Wonder why Amazon didn't include a card?

    Enjoy the freedom of no more gate guarding.

  4. That IS a funny story!! Glad the mystery has been cleared up and she knows who the chair was from.
    Congratulations to Jared and thank you for your willingness to serve our country!! Good luck and God Bless!!

  5. Congrats to your grandson! Serving his country is a great choice:) The title with Pearland, Texas caught my attention. I started my flight training there at a very small airport in 1970 while stationed in Houston.