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Saturday, June 21, 2014

Banff to Houston - What Day is it? I forget

Houston,   BC

Diesel:     $5.77 gallon
Temperature: Low of 50 High of 64.

Friday,  June 20

We left Banff at 8:10 arriving at Robson Meadows Campground, a B.C. Provincial park at 2:30.  Total mileage 238 miles.

Our route at first was 93,  Icefields Parkway.  Getting on at Lake Louise and ending in Jasper.   While on the Parkway we entered:


Beautiful route.     Snow capped mountains.   Waterfalls.

One thing we found odd.   Twice we stopped at a rest area/gift shop/restaurant/service station.   As we travel we see lots of Asian people.   Well, at both stops we had people who appeared to be Japanese keep looking at our RV.   Both times they would walk around it and then take pictures.    These were two separate occasions.    Wondering -   Does CEDAR CREEK have a different meaning in Japan that we don't know about?   Something obscene?

Back to our day:   Lots of critters:

Speaking of critters.  Do you know what this is?

It is actually a bridge for the animals to cross from one side of the highway to the other.  Grass and trees are planted on top.  

At end to the Icefields Parkway is the town of Jasper.  There were RV's every where.  Needing a re-fill we pulled into a service station.  No diesel.   So we pulled into another one and waited a while a line.  A lady came up to the truck and asked if we knew that station also had no diesel.   There is only ONE station in town that sells diesel.  Anyone coming to that area has to fill up there.   Either direction and it is close to 100 miles to the next service station.   The one station with diesel also was a tight fit but we made it without incident.

A little further down the road and  we spent last night at Robson Meadows Provincial Park.  Beautiful location - $25.00 with no hook ups.   Overlooking the campground is Mount Robson, the tallest peak in the Canadian Rockies.

Saturday, June 21

Miles:   368
Left campground at 7:10 am
Arrived Shady Rest RV Park  ( $63.00 for 2 nights)  3:45 pm

We had planned to stop in the town of McBride this morning, about 30 miles from where we over-nighted.  We are using the book Milepost as our Bible.  It referenced an old train station and an Information Center with a Cafe and art galley. It said they serve breakfast.   We got there at 8:10.  Does not open until 9. Who waits until 9 for breakfast?   Not another restaurant in the town.   So we moved on down the road.  And I mean DOWN THE ROAD.  The next town was Prince George.   More than 130 miles away.   Nothing in between.  NOTHING.  Only, we did see 3 bears.

Another tight town to get around in pulling a 39 foot trailer.   Walmart  has a McDonald's. We could park in their parking lot.     A Big Mac for Breakfast, anyone?   It was 11:30 by the time we got there.  Needing a few groceries, we did that too.

On a great note. The truck is doing fine.  Whatever was done to it, we like.   We had been getting 9.5 mpg when towing.  We are now getting 10.7.    Gotta love every extra mile per gallon we get.   Especially with the high diesel costs.

We've finally arrived in Houston.   Not Houston, Tx, but Houston, BC.   We found a nice little RV park and decided to stay two nights.  We really need a day off from driving.


  1. noticed you got a new 'do' I like it. ben several years since my brother went to Alaska and he said very expensive. so stock up on groceries. glad everything going well with the truck

  2. Icefields Parkway is an awesome drive. It must have been like driving through a zoo in Yosemite...hehe.

    Enjoy the down time.

  3. I heard how high to prices are in Canada but look how beautiful it is, makes it worth it.

    Nice to get that extra mileage on the gas. Every little bit helps.

  4. It is a common occurrence for Asian tourists to circle your RV and take lots of photos. They usually have lots to say to their friends while they are doing it. I guess the big thing is they don't have our large RVs (probably hardly any RVs) in their countries. Driving through the Canadian Rockies puts you in the most popular destination for these tour groups. John

  5. You're getting there. Glad the truck is happy again!