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Wednesday, June 11, 2014

To Alaska Day 4

Lander,  WY

 Diesel:      $3.80
Miles:         390
Route:        I-76....Co RT 34.....I-25.....I-80......US287
Temperature  at  7:45 pm Mountain Time   66 F.
Campground fee:    $29.90 night with Good Sam discount

Got an early start this morning -  6:30 am.   Wasn't long before we saw the snow in the distance on the mountains of Colorado.

Shortly after entering Wyoming we stopped at the first rest area and gathered lots of brochures.

The drive to our current destination was through some beautiful mountainous areas.   Snow topped Wyoming mountains.

At noon we stopped at another rest area for our lunch.   We always appreciate a unit that allows access to the refrigerator, some cabinets, bathroom and bedroom without opening the slides.   Perfect for those quick meals on the road.

We've driven through mountainous areas before, including Wyoming two years ago.   Our 2011 Ford F350 had no problems even with towing our rig.   If we started a climb at 70 mph, we hit the peak at 70 mph.   Not today.

 Back in Amarillo the technician adjusted our transmission.   He told Leonard to expect it to shift differently for a short time.   He did not say that now when climbing the transmission would gear back to 4th gear and strain with every climb.  We were being passed by semis.    Not good.

We arrived at Pioneer RV Park in Lander at 2:30 and  registered for tonight and tomorrow night.   This is a nice little park, very neatly kept.  Our view from our dining table.

As I organized a few things Leonard went to the local Ford dealer about a mile down the road.  They can not look at our truck for at least a week.   This time of year the farmers, etc. are busy getting their equipment serviced.    We don't want to wait here a week.

So tomorrow, Len will start making calls.  We will be in Cody on Friday until Tuesday.   He will start there and continue with every Ford dealer on our planned route to the Canadian border.   We are hoping this is just an additional adjustment to the transmission computer system.   Gotta get this problem fixed!


  1. Hope the issue doesn't end up being the turbo itself! Our turbo sensor gave us fits and had to be fixed 2 years ago. Now they're telling us that it was the turbo all along. Not under warranty NOW, so coughing up over $2500 to get a new one. :(

  2. I know how you feel, I sure feel bad when I have to pass the Fords going up the mountain with my Dodge. lol Have a safe trip..

  3. Doesn't the mountains just take your breath away. They are so gorgeous.

    Good luck with the Ford dealer.

  4. We have wonderful friends in Lander, WY, and Svilar's in Hudson is not to be missed for their steaks and prime rib...yum, now I'm hungry again!