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Thursday, June 19, 2014

TO Alaska Day 11

Banff, Alberta

Miles:    322
Price of Diesel when converted:  I don't want to know!

We left Montana about 8:30 yesterday.   Only a short 30 miles or so and we were in:

Note:  I planned on posting several pictures.  However, won't be doing that.  We are currently in a Tim Horton's in Banff for the free WIFI.  It took 10 minutes to unload the above picture.

Our route took us through the city of Calgary and up to the Canadian Rockies.   We decided to stay two nights at a campground in the Banff National Park.  WHEW!  Can't afford this type of life.  The campground is $39 a night.   More than we usually pay but in addition there was a charge of $66.90 to visit the National Park for 4 days.  

Banff looks like a typical tourist town.   Most restaurants are in hotels, etc.  Even Chili's.   Last night we decided to eat at the Chili's.   For $32.00 we got one coke, one hamburger, one order of fries and one salad.    Okay - we eat in the rig for a while.

We took a drive around this morning and wishing I could upload pictures.  We saw a herd of young elk then driving up to a ski area there were two mountain goats in the road.  They were not about ready to move and if Len got any further to the right, we were off the side of the mountain.  

When looking for a place for WIFI I saw this Tim Hortons.   We sat in the parking lot for a couple of minutes.  While there a Japanese man came to the front of the truck and was checking out the Ranch Hand bumper.  Then he walked around the truck.   We came inside and was just watching him.   Wishing I had the camera with me instead of leaving it in the truck.  He waved his family over and they all were walking around the truck pointing at it and talking.   What the?????

We leave here tomorrow and head north to see what we can see.


  1. I'm assuming you got across the border with no problems so that's good news.

    Banff is an expensive place alright - probably one of the top tourist traps in North America - rivaled only by Disneyland and Disneyworld.

  2. Which is why we need to save a lot of money before we head north :-)

  3. That was one very expensive meal!!!! I think tourist trap is a good word for it.

  4. Usually 2 of us eat at chili's for that price. Happy to hear you are moving right along. Maybe you will have better WiFi down the road.

  5. Egads...now I know another reason we aren't going to Alaska.

  6. Lol that's hilarious. Must not see trucks very often!!

    I would like to see Alaska someday. But it won't be from an rv. Maybe a cruise. :)