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Tuesday, June 4, 2019

RVing Again....... Part 1

Sea Pines Thousand Trails RV Park
Swainton,  New Jersey

May 26, 2019

It's been a while since living in an RV.  And the first time ever having a travel companion.  Biscuit made himself at home the very first day.

He chose a bunk and has claimed it.   This is the bunk our granddaughter usually uses.  She will be joining us later this month and seems to have no problem with sharing.

We left Alabama Sunday morning May 26.   We drove north to Rural Retreat, VA (approximately 410 miles) to near the home of one of my sister's sons Jason and his family.  After finding a near-by parking lot to park for the night, my great-nephew picked us up and took us to my great-niece Emilie's HS graduation party.

This is Emilie and my sister Debbie.

May 27

The next day, being Memorial Day, it was slow moving in some areas.  One area of slow-down was to allow the uninterrupted movement of this group.

Traffic was not really heavy until the Baltimore Beltway.   I dislike in this area, especially when towing.   Not long after getting on I-95 we decided to take Route 40 up to NJ.  Another 400+ miles day of traveling.   Biscuit never complained.

Finally late in the afternoon we arrived at our friends Shirley and Lyn where we Mooch-docked for the night.  We frequent their hospitality when we need a place to park in the area where we once lived.  Shirley pulled out some burgers and salad and fed us well.  Biscuit briefly met their pit Lucy.

May 28

After a good nights sleep we drove the one hour to our current location in the Cape May, NJ area.

May 29

My sister Debbie arrived to spend this time with us.   She works about an hour away but would be here each evening.

May 31

My nephew Norman (JR), wife Vadra and son Ryan came to the campground for a visit.  And their pooch Minie.   Minie and Biscuit got acquainted.

JR and Ryan:

Leonard and Vadra:

June 1

Our grandson Justin and girlfriend Karlie came down from Philadelphia to visit for the day.  Dang.... was so busy talking and visiting I forgot to take a picture.

June 3

Our friend Kathy Clarke has a seasonal site here at the campground and she also works here during the summer months.   She and her late husband Gene, used to live across from us at a small campground for a year prior to us starting our traveling years.   We enjoyed having Kathy at our site last night along with Debbie for Tacos.  Another goof up... no pictures taken then either.

June 4

What would be a trip to the area be without a ride to the bottom tip of NJ... Cape May point.  (Right Betty Barnes?)   We loaded up Biscuit this morning for a visit.

Cape May lighthouse

Passing by the marina

Len and Biscuit on the beach

The Atlantis.   This was one of 11 concrete ships built during WW1.  She broke off from her mooring at Cape May and became stuck where she sits since 1926.  When I was a child this ship was mostly intact and was clearly a concrete ship.  The years have passed and this is all that is left to be seen.

Tomorrow we hook up and travel a bit more.

Until next time.


  1. You are definitely keeping busy and it's nice that Biscuit is a good traveler.
    Be safe and Enjoy the visits.

    It's about time.

  2. Seeing lots of family and friends on this trip. Nice to see Biscuit is enjoying the traveling. Stay safe.

  3. It was nice seeing y'all thanks for the invite. Hopefully we will see you again soon

  4. So glad Biscuit has taken to travel and camping!!! He’s having lots of fun!!!
    You all have fun and safe travels!!!

  5. Love that you two have bonded with Biscuit, especially Len! They warm your heart for sure.