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Sunday, April 6, 2014

Cover those windows!

Centerville, TX

We found the solution.   A male cardinal refused to keep away from our two of our windows from daybreak to night on Friday.  He started again yesterday with the constant pecking and flying up to them.  

I had figured he was mad at the other male he saw reflected in the window.  Judy confirmed my suspicion. So yesterday we pulled out the ladder, Len climbed on it and we taped heavy green trash bags over the two windows that he was fighting with.  No problems today.

Earlier in the week we had hung a bird feeder out but no takers.   Just like last year while in this area the birds seem to like to feed off the ground and not fom the feeder.  Leonard dumped some of the seed on the ground and our cardinal friend is today having a feast.     Rather he eat bird seed than peck at our windows.

A heavy rain storm came through during the early morning.   Later a constant drizzle.  Rain has stopped but it's gotten quite chilly.   But we are just fine.  EXCEPT WHEN WE HAVE TO WALK OUTSIDE TO LOG SOMEONE IN OR OUT!   Cold!

This is our 3rd RV with a fireplace.  We never had a problem with our 2002 Cedar Creek fireplace.   The one in the 2009 Montana kept shutting off.  We found out there was an issue with that model.  We called Dimplex who immediately sent us a replacement part. No further problem.

Now with our 2014 Cedar Creek the blower would work, then not work, then work.  It was not working more than it worked.   We called them and they sent us a new blower.   This morning Leonard installed the blower.  At last, suitable heat emanating from the fireplace.    Just in time for this chill in the air.

Days are long here at the gate.   One month down, two to go.


  1. Good to have heat. Hang in there. Good weather is coming your way and the days will just fly by.

  2. We love our fire place in our CC also. May need it soon as we head to SD.

  3. Good idea with the covered windows. We had issues with our fireplace too. Dimplex has great customer service. Have sent several replacement parts, no questions asked. It was 90 degrees here in Florida today, whew!!