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Monday, April 7, 2014

We only thought we had it solved

Centerville,   TX

Our friend the cardinal is a persistent fellow.    Yea, he stopped pecking at our windows of the RV once we covered them with heavy green trash bags. Does this make us trailer trash?

So, he moved to the windows on the truck.    Not only that he must have been sitting on the passenger side mirror.     If you get my drift.

No, we are NOT going to cover the truck windows too.  If he wants to fight with another cardinal that bad, go at it.

What's that I hear?   I do believe it is raining.    Hope there will not be much traffic tonight.  I really don't feel like putting on a slicker and going out to sign them in.    A downside of this site is we are parked on the passenger side of traffic.  All other sites had us on the drivers side.  Then if it rained, they rolled down their window and shouted their name and reason for visit.   Not so easy now.

Oops. People do not "roll" down windows any more do they?   Okay, they push the button or whatever it's called and the window goes down.

Back to the rain situation.  We've put the awning out and anchored it down for such situations.   For traffic tonight I plan on standing under the awning and hoping the driver will be kind and push that button.  I will practice my pathetic look.   Surely these drivers will take pity on an old woman and not expect her to stand in the rain.

It's 11 pm.  Three hours to go and it's Leonard problem.   I'll be off to bed.


  1. Hope you didn't get soaked last night!

  2. I hate to admit this but I have to roll down my windows :( Hope you stayed dry.