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Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Not my finest moment

Centerville, TX

This morning I took off with the intent to take my computer the 75 miles Best Buy in Conroe, Tx.

The plan was to stop at the Walmart in Hunstville and drop off prescriptions, go down to Conroe to Best Buy, stop back at the Walmart for the presciptions and do some grocery shopping.  Since Hunstville is a distance from our site I thought maybe a Walmart closer would be better for grocery shopping.

Checking my GPS I found there was a Walmart only 25 miles from the site on the way to Conroe.   So I got off I45 at the Madisonville exit and found the Walmart.   But when I pulled into the parking lot I saw it was not a Super Walmart but one of the old type with limited groceries.  I decided to go on down to the one in Huntsville.

I pulled around the Walmart sign in the parking lot not seeing one of these concrete barriers that sat about 8 feet from the sign.   I heard a bang and thought maybe I ran over a curb.  I got out to see if I might have done damage to a tire.   It was then I saw the barrier.   And this:

Okay - I know how I will be spending this weeks pay.   $1,000 deductible.

There is a Ford dealership in Madisonville that Leonard took our truck to.  If all is approved with our insurance, it goes in on Monday and should take a week.   We do have rental car coverage.

In the meantime he has a HUGE tool box he built to fit in the truck bed.   That needs to removed as the entire passenger side will have to be replaced.   Hey, that tool box needs a good organizing anyway.  I am thinking I did him a favor.

Again, not my finest moment.


  1. Thank God for insurance. You're not having a good week!

  2. Yep, them fender wings will get ya every time. That is not quiet as bad as my backing my truck into our fifth wheel.

  3. Uff-dah! That's an ouch for sure. :(

  4. oowweee. how long between time Len saw it and he actually started breathing again?
    :-) I know I have literally bounced off some of the concrete ones in my escapde.

  5. I like you positive thinking. Gives him something to do between checking in the trucks.

  6. I would be thinking the same about the tool box.....NOT... That's why Angela won't drive our truck to big she says.

  7. OUCH! I hate when I do things like that. But at least no one was hurt and it can be fixed. But that $!,000. deductible really hurts.

  8. Big ouch! The reason why I don't want to drive our dually!