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Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Something drastic?

Centerville, TX

Beautiful day here in this part of Texas.     Yesterday winds and rains came through as I watched the temps drop 20 degrees.    Today sunny and mild.

Yesterday Leonard took the truck to the shop for repairs and then drove down to Huntsville to the Walmart for prescription refills and grocery shopping.   This was my plan before last weeks OOPS.

Tomorrow I will drive the 80 miles down to Conroe to Best Buy and hope they will fix whatever is not allowing me to get online with my new Dell.   Hoping they do it immediately.  Not wanting to take a second 160 mile round trip.

Today - Mr. Hardhead is at it again.  This time on the rental car.  

We can get without 8 feet of him and it does not faze him at all.   He is just that determined.

Hard to see him in the picture below.  But there he is looking in the window.

We are concerned he is leaving scratches on the finish.  We are especially concerned once we get the truck back with it's new paint job on the passenger side.   The body shop people tell us it takes 30 days to dry completely and this bird attacking it will leave scratches.   Can't have that happen.  What to do.....

One of the company men here told us yesterday that we will be moving to another location about 2 miles away over the weekend.  Sure will be interesting if the truck is not done and towing with that little Mazda!  They said not to worry, they will get us moved.  However, today another company man said we will be here 7 more months.  There are 3 wells on this site.   They are rotating on the work that needs to be completed.  Wish they were working on all three at a time.  In addition to our usual wage, each additional well means $50. more a day.

No, we will not still be here in 7 months.   Between now and 7 months from now we will drive west to California then to Oregon, Washington, British Columbia, Yukon Territories, Alaska, Alberta, Saskatchewan, Manitoba and back into the lower 48 headed to Branson, MO and then to NJ.

That's the Plan!


  1. Hopefully your friend doesn't have built in radar and follows you to your next stop!

  2. I hope that the Cardinal doesn't decide he likes fresh paint. Grr! Nice you get a bonus when there are more wells. Interesting!

  3. That bird doesn't look good for new paint jobs. That's quite the travel plan you have, sounds wonderful.