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Tuesday, April 22, 2014


Centerville,  TX

 I hear and read stories of other Gate Guards who are working in areas of the oil fields of Texas, Oklahoma and Louisiana where there are many sightings of wildlife.  

Those in the southern part of Texas talk about rattlers and other such icky creatures.   Others talk about watching the coyotes and deer walking around their post.   Then there are the usual assortment of furry creatures such as raccoon's, possums and squirrels.

Here we see nothing of the kind.   Of course we still continue to see that dang red bird.   I think the thing is having a grand time tormenting Leonard.

So, what have we seen?

I'd rather walk outside and see them than the rattlers!


  1. Whoa...those critters look dangerous. :)

  2. Maybe you can direct old red head to the moths to eat. Do they flutter by the porch lights? :)

  3. Definitely better to see moths than rattlers!