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Thursday, July 3, 2014

Mosquitoes as big as crows.

Glennallen, Ak

Miles driven today:   132
Current location:       Dry Creek State Campground
Fee:                         $15.00 a night, no hookups

We left Tok this morning around 8 arriving at this campground around noon.  

When we arrived we were the only people here.   Since then a tent camper has set up and one family in a small trailer.   Occasionally a car will drive by looking around.   Probably sees the dive bombing mosquitoes and passes on staying.

Outside and all around the campground there are piles of poo.    I went online to see if it is bear, moose or what.   I am thinking (hoping) it is moose.   Moose regurgitate their food and the poo is solid.  Bear poo might have seeds, berries, grass, etc in it.  I kicked some around and checked it out.  Interesting, right?

On the drive here we stopped and took pictures of trumpeter swans and then a short trip up the road two Moose walking in a small lake.    Got great pics.   I am lucky to be able to pick up my Verizon WIFI here in the middle of a state campground, but can't get pictures to load.  

After setting up QUICKLY due to the humongous mosquitoes I made a salad for lunch. Then we drove into town to check things out.

First stop is the local IGA.  I've written on Facebook about the cost of groceries up here.   Len loves his black eye peas.   Back "home" they are about 89 cents a can.  Up here - $2.99.   Hope he really enjoys them tonight.   Looked at Folgers coffee - $21.00!    Add our creamer at $7.99 a bottle and we could afford Starbucks.   (Which I have NEVER bought and probably never will.)

We stopped at the visitors center and inquired about a sign we saw about the 4th of July parade tomorrow and a salmon bake.   The parade starts at 10:30 and goes a couple of blocks through town to the town park. There the Kiwanis club has a meal of salmon, potato, roll and veggie for the cost of a donation.   We love salmon.   Sounds like our 4th is set.


  1. Good thing you two did all that gate guarding. With the high cost of everything, you will be spending that hard earned cash fast!

  2. You know you are in Alaska when you start being concerned about the type of poop around you:)

  3. Loved your previous post and all the pictures. Had computer trouble so fell behind. Hope you can post the latest pictures soon.

    I had heard about the prices in Alaska and WOW they are high. but this is a dream trip to be sure.