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Thursday, July 10, 2014

Valdez to Palmer

Palmer, Alaska

July 8
Miles:      112
Diesel:    $4.79
Weather:     64 and mild

We left Valdez around 9:30 am.    The one route out is the same as the one in.   We noticed this in Keystone Canyon on the way to Valdez so made sure we took a shot on the way out.

A snow cave with rapidly moving water in front and inside.

Also on the way to Valdez we wanted  to see Worthington Glacier which is right off the Richardson Highway.  However, it was extremely foggy and nothing could be seen.   On the way out the skies were clear so we attempted again.  Success!

We had noticed a turnout about 8 miles south of Glennallen and there were many RV's clearly boondocking there.   We decided that when we returned we would spend the night at that location with other boondockers.  When we got there only one RV was there and there were ropes and signs all around warning it was private property and no trespassing.   As we had pulled in, we had to get turned around.  As we did a man came running out of door of the RV.  Not to worry, we were moving on down the road.

Only about 3 miles further up was a rest area with two covered picnic tables, restrooms and lots of space next to Tazlina River.   We decided this looked like a great spot to stay even though it was only a little after noon.   That is the river on the other side of the shelter.

Next to the rest area is a Native Alaskan community center.   We watched two men at work on a fish wheel.

A completed one.    They really do the job for which they are intended.

July 9
Miles:      151
Diesel:      $4.12   !!!!  Yippee!
Weather:   Turned cooler and rained part of the day.
Big Bear Campground:     3 nights/ $32.00 a night with the Good Sam Discount

We had a pleasant drive on the Glenn Highway to our current location.   We stopped a couple of times to admire the scenery.

We stopped  by a really fast river.   This picture does not do it justice as the water bounced and splashed going over the rocks.

After we settled in to our site we took a ride to Birchwood Camp where we will be volunteering as NOMADS starting on Monday for three weeks.   We will move to the campground on Saturday.

July 10
Weather:      Dreary, rainy, damp and cold

Today was a get-done day.  Some laundry, propane tanks filled, Len took truck to Ford dealer first thing this morning and had the oil changed.  

Palmer is a small community right next to the much larger town of Wasilla.   Surprised to find that Wasilla has a Sears, many restaurants, and along with the Ford dealership most any other car dealership one could think of.   What was really nice it has a reasonably priced

We got stocked up well on groceries.   Don't want to pay those prices we came across earlier in our travels.

One thing that we find interesting.  All over Alaska are these little buildings indicating Espresso.  There is ALWAYS a line up of cars at the window.   We see some also have signs saying ice cream and soup.  They sure are popular up here.  Over in Wasilla we saw two of them within 1/4 mile.  Both had customers in cars waiting to be served.  Must be something to it!


  1. I just love that header photo.

    I am sure they sell a ton of soup...all year round.

  2. The Alaskan version of Wawa.