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Saturday, July 19, 2014

To Alaska Day 42 - Eagle River Nature Center

Chugiak,  Alaska

Having the day off yesterday, we first did our laundry and grocery shopping.    After putting the groceries away it was time for lunch.   As Len says when I ask what he wants it's "make it easy on yourself".   Okay, Subway it is.

Many times we get the $5.00 foot long and split it.  No such thing as a $5.00 sub in Alaska.  Should have known!

I then suggested we visit the Eagle River Nature Center.  

The Nature Center is at the end of a road in the process of being repaired.   Once again, glad we are not fussy about our truck getting dirty.  I still don't understand why we've bothered to wash it twice while up here.

The nature center has a very small visitor center with just a few things to see.

It's main focus is the various walking trails behind the center.   The young man at the desk suggested the 3/4 mile path.  He told us it is an easy walk with a small incline.   We took his word for it.  Sure!  An easy incline for a 20 year old native Alaskan used to climbing mountains.   Not such an easy incline for this old woman and a husband with back issues.  But we did it.   Taking advantage of a few of the benches along the way.

Worth the walk and we need the exercise.

Today the temps are in the mid 50's and a light rain.  We have ribs cooking low in the oven.  Leonard just said, let's do something.  So, I will close now and see what we can do on a dreary day.   Good to have three days off volunteering to check out the area.  And rest our backs.


  1. Rained all day here too. Nice walking 'path' you guys did. Beautiful area!

  2. We have experienced that kind of "easy" hike. We always take those kinds of comments with a couple grains of salt now:)

  3. Like you said for a 20 something Alaskan who is used to the elevation and a good pair of lungs. But you made it. I might have had to use the benches for a nap. Nice pictures as always.

  4. Can you recommend any campgrounds in NJ ?