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Friday, July 11, 2014

The Iditarod

Wasilla,   AK

Since the weather improved today from the rain and cold of yesterday, we decided to get out and see something.   I requested info from our on board GPS of tourist sites.    We choose this only 4 miles from the campground.

The visitor center:

Inside is a gift shop, displays and the chance to watch a 30 minute movie mostly about the dogs.

We learned a lot watching the video.   As most people know, the Iditarod race is over 1,000 miles long.  The mushers (people) take special care of the sled dogs.   Each dog is given an EKG, blood tests before each race and has an implanted chip that keeps all information pertaining to the dogs health, race history, etc.

These dogs love to run.

During the race over 20 vets are on hand.  Every 20 to 90 miles the dogs are throughly checked by a vet.   Should there be a problem detected or the dog does not appear that it wants to continue, they are flown back to Anchorage for better examination.  

They are given a special high calorie diet consisting of lots fish, meat and "kibbles" that include vitamins, protein, pro-biotics and omega 3 supplements.    It is the equivalent of a human eating 50 Big Macs a day.  

Once the dog stops racing, usually when it's about 10, they are either kept by their owner or a suitable home is found.   They make excellent family pets.  These dogs love and require lots of affection.

Outside there were three 6 week old puppies that people were encouraged to go out and love on.   We accepted that invitation.

The girl I was holding wanted desperately to get down and back with her brothers.

While there we picked up a few more Christmas gifts.    It's July.   Our Christmas shopping is just about done.   Problem is we keep seeing more stuff!

Being ready for lucnh we ate at a Red Robin.   We'd never been to one before.   What great burgers.  Looking at the menu I saw they served some special milkshakes.   Could not help but order the Hawaiian Special.  Consisted of Kahlua, amaretto, Grand Mariner and vanilla ice cream.  Oh my!  

Tomorrow we move to Camp Birchwood where we will start volunteering on Monday.


  1. I have always wondered about the training and care of the dogs that pull the sled and race. Quite impressive...and those puppies are adorable!!!
    Having your Christmas already purchased is awesome...I haven't even given it a thought. Good luck on Monday!!!

  2. What adorable puppies. The story is very interesting on the life of these dogs. They are well taken care of and loved.

  3. Getting really jealous of all of the incredible scenery!!