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Saturday, July 26, 2014


Chugiak, Alaska

Another week completed of volunteering.  Two down, one to go.    Yesterday it rained the entire day.  Today perfect weather - mid 60's.    So, our crew had plans!

First thing, the OX

Over 70 musk ox call this farm home.     I never knew much about these animals until today.   Here at the farm they live to about 20.   They grow a type of very soft under fur that is harvested and used for scarves, hats, etc.    At a cost of $95.00 an ounce I didn't buy any.    The bulls are kept in one pasture.

Some of the cows were more friendly.

But especially friendly were the young.   This one is over a year old.   She followed us as we walked by her fence.   They love dandelions.

Then there are the babies born in April this year.

Now the BIRDS:

An air show featuring the Air Force Thunderbirds.

And as we pulled into the campground, this greeted us.

Great day, indeed!


  1. You sure did have a great day. The baby Musk Ox look like little ponies, well kinda of. So cute.

  2. What cute little Oxes (oxes?) Oxen? Anyway, you guys are having a great time up there!

  3. Another great day!!! The baby Ox are adorable!!!

  4. That is a wonderful day of seeing the Lord's beauty every which way.

  5. If you are here to catch up with my mother's blog and her adventures in Alaska, I am here to tell you that she is unable to update at this time. On Thursday, she suffered a stroke and is in a hospital in Anchorage. The stroke was minor and she should expect a full recovery. the current plan is for her to fly back to New Jersey and receive treatment at a rehab center. Len with the of a family member will drive the rig back east.