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Thursday, May 10, 2018

A visit, a recital and more renovations.

Cullman,  AL

We've had a busy, fun week.     Our friends Jerry and Carol has a Tiffin Motorhome manufactured in Red Bay, AL.    They like to take it there once a year for its oil change, check-up and renovations.  We love visiting with them and Teddy.   

Teddy makes himself comfortable.  He's a sweet boy

The three of them left Red Bay Saturday morning in the midst of a typical Alabama downpour for the 80 or so miles to Cullman.     Once here and settled, Len grilled the pork chops they provided  and the marinated veggies I made.  Also had cole slaw on the menu.    We spent the entire afternoon visiting.

At dinner time we went into town to our favorite Bar BQ place.... Jim and Nicks.   Thank you Jerry and Carol for the treat!

Sunday morning they attended church with us (not Teddy).  After a lunch of tacos they scooted back to Red Bay. Their plan is to get to Illinois by Mothers Day to celebrate it with Carols 95 year old Mother. 

Our granddaughter Maddie takes piano lessons.   Tuesday night was the recital.   Glad we got to go as it was the first time we heard her play.   You did good Maddie!

Continuing our work around the house and property.    I've mentioned before that we need many cedar trees taken down.   This week Len cut down 3 that were between the house and future pond.  They hid two beautiful cypress trees from our porch view.

The other project was replacing the vanity top to the guest bathroom.

Old top.

New solid surface top.

That's it for the last few days. 

Until next time......


  1. Nice progress on the trees! Love the new surface on the vanity.

  2. Your property is taking more and more shape with the clearing of some of the trees. Always good to share some time with friends. Glad they were able to scoot over and spend some time with you.

  3. Lots of great friends visiting, it's always nice to see them. And the tree trimming is coming along nicely. I like your new vanity to