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Tuesday, May 1, 2018

Up a Creek

Cullman,  AL

As I have noted before, the back of our property was dense brush.  We've slowly removed some of it.   There were areas we could not easily get to. 

Last month surveyors were surveying the adjoining property behind us.  They left pink flags and placed a marker at one corner of our property.   We managed to find it a few weeks ago.   We were told that an old barbed wire fence ran along the back end of the property.  We found that too.

Yesterday seemed like a good day to follow that fence from the marker to a creek that runs along the opposite side of the property.     To do that Leonard had to use a machete to chop our way through.  We made it.  I have the scrapes and bruises on my arms to show.  From there we hacked our way back out to land we had cleared.

Today Leonard is on the tractor again and knocking down trees and brush to clear a path to the back.

He's having fun.  At least he says it is.    Here is the creek as it looks back there.  Nice!

Wish it looked that way in the front of our property closer to the road.

We will get it cleaned out eventually. 

Not too long ago all that area between those sheds and the wooded section was thick with trees and brush.   We could  hardly walk between the buildings amid overgrowth.  Now more grass to mow.

Exiting times ahead.    Later in the week our friends Carol and Jerry (and Teddy) will be visiting for a few days.

They are fulltimers who own a beautiful Motorhome made in Red Bay, AL.  They are there now getting some renovations completed.    At some point they will have to temporarily vacate (hope it is soon) for the work to be done.    Here we are!   Looking forward to spending time with them again.  Let's hope it is not like last time they visited.   We were under a tornado watch.  Don't want to scare them off forever.

Then on May 14 my sister, niece and great-niece will be here for a few days.   My great niece is visiting colleges and has an appointment to tour University of Alabama!

Loving the Spring weather.  Hope it is as nice where you are.

Until next time.


  1. Your Roses are so pretty. You and Len have done so much clearing of the property since moving in. Good thing he has all his toys to help with all that work.

  2. You all have some gorgeous land!!! I am sure Len is having fun clearing out the undergrowth and letting the beauty shine through!! That creek looks nice!! I bet it sounds nice with the water trickling through!!
    Enjoy your friends!!!