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Thursday, May 31, 2018

Country on my mind

Willis,  TX

During our drive from home in Alabama to the RV park here in Willis TX we listened to our favorite radio station........ Willies Roadhouse on Sirius   Satellite.  As I listened to this older country music, I realized I had gone to concerts of so many of the artists from that time period.

Growing up in the 50's and early 60's the popular music was 50's Do Wop.  Yea, I sort of liked it then.  Can only take it in small doses now.    What changed?

Around 1961 or so Ray Charles came out with a cross-over Country song...... I Can't Stop Loving You.   I loved it.  So much so I bought the album (old term, I know) that included that song.  Modern Sounds in Country Music.   Great Songs.   Born to Lose.   Hey Good Looking.  You Win Again.   I was hooked.    Then he came out with Modern Sounds In Country Music 2.   More good stuff.

Loved Country Music then, love it now.    But, I must say not so much today's stuff.   Don't even know most of the artists names.    I am old don't forget?

So this morning I got to thinking... who have I seen in concert?    I made a list, bet I forgot some.

Many of these acts performed at a local theater back in New Jersey.   Pitman Theater once was a Vaudeville house.   Back in the 70's and early 80's they booked some greats.   I saw:

Tom T Hall (the great story teller)    Jerry Reed,    Roy Clark,  Mel Tillis,   Marty Robbins,  Bill Anderson,  Tammy Wynette,  George Jones (who once walked off after only 3 songs)   Loretta Lynn,   Charlie Pride,  Old Ridge Boys (I've seen them multiple times in several places)    The Statler Brothers (again lots of times),  The Gatlins.

About the Gatlins.     When we saw them, it was very clear that Larry was under the influence.  Glad to know he got help and that is behind him now.  I really like him.

At other local places in New Jersey I saw Kitty Wells ( that's MANY years ago ) Eddie Rabbit, Charlie Daniels,  Crystal Gayle,  Doug Kershaw.

1980 while working in Missouri we went  to State Fairs.   There we saw Crash Craddock (Does anyone remember him) and Merle Haggard.  We sat outside on bleachers in over 100 degrees waiting about 2 hours for Merle to arrive.  Anyone suspected he was sitting in the air conditioned bus parked nearby.   People were getting rowdy.  The announcer said he was running late.  Sure we thought!  But, a bus rolled in and out he walked.  And gave a good show.

Len and I saw Johnny Cash and June Carter Cash.   They had their son, John, in the act.  Believe me, his parents didn't pass on their talents to him.

Yes,  I've seen a few more recent stars...  Martina McBride,  Mary Chapin Carpenter, Alan Jackson, Vince Gill and the great King George...... George Strait.  One on my loves.

As I look at my list I realize so many of the greats are no longer with us.  But their talent lives on.

Ah yes, I do enjoy listening to true Country Music and remembering all those acts I've had to thrill to see.

Who have you seen?

Until next time.


  1. Hhhmmm, I know I'll miss some but...Charlie Pride, Charlie Daniels, George Strait, Gareth Brooks, Trisha Yearwood, Kenny Chesney, Tanya Tucker, Loretta Lynn, Kenny Rogers, Dolly Parton, Randy Travis, Vince Gill, Alan Jackson...

  2. I am old too but have seen a bunch of them. Now I get Alexsa to do all the hard work of finding the music for me:)

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  4. While living in New Jersey I never went to any concerts. But went to plenty once I moved to Arizona. But never any country all rock and a Jazz concert that I really enjoyed but nearly baked in the hot sun